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Deux meres ( Two Mothers ), 1888. Artist: Leon-Maxime Faivre
Warwick the Kingmaker, 15th century English nobleman and soldier, (1893)
Nichiren Calming the Storm, 19th century. Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
The Apostles Looking at Christ and the Virgin in a Glory of Angels (top right plate), 1546. Creator: Leon Davent
Acala with Consort Vishvavajri, 1525-50. Creator: Unknown
2008 Dodge Ram SRT pickup truck. Creator: Unknown
The Cumaean Sibyl after the fresco by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, 1784-90
Judith, possibly ca. 1886. Creator: Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant
1912 Fiat S76, Nazzaro at the wheel with Fagano. Creator: Unknown
Kouli Khan, (1688-1747), 1830. Creator: Unknown
The Austrian 12-inch Siege Howitzer, 1914-1918, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Firing the 111-Ton Woolwich, June 1887, (1901). Creator: Unknown
Elephants child. A searchlight of 210,000,000 candle-power probes the night sky with its beam
Otto von Bismark, German statesman, 1877. Artist: A von Werner
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II of England
Flore - Deesse Des Fleurs, 1403, (1939). Artist: Master of Berrys Cleres Femmes
The Dowager Empress of China, 1908
Magnet that lifts 46 tons, 1938
Waterfall, c1900 (1935). Artist: Leander Engstrom
Eastern cataract, Victoria Falls, Livingstone to Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia, 1925 (1927). Artist: Thomas A Glover
Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, 1787 (1956)
Terrapin Point, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, USA.Artist: HC White
Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist, from the Canadian Cliffs, Canada.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
Niagra Falls, New York, USA.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
Niagra Falls from Goat Island, New York, USA.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
The Frail Foot Bridge, Niagara Falls, Canada.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
Thunder of Waters, American Falls, Niagra Falls, New York, USA.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
American Falls, Niagara Falls, New York, USA.Artist: Realistic Travels Publishers
Giuliano de Medici, early 16th century, (1929).Artist: Raphael
La Serenissime et tres puissante Princesse, 1734
The Dowager Empress of China, 1904
Otto von Bismark, 19th century German statesman, (1900).Artist: Loescher and Petsch
Catharine of Beren, (1798).Artist: W Bond
Empress Catherine the Great of Russia, 1836.Artist: R Woodman
Jean-Baptiste Colbert, 17th century French statesman, (1836).Artist: W Holl
Cardinal Cisneros, Spanish Cardinal, inquisitor and statesman, (1836).Artist: CE Wagstaff
Canute And His Courtiers, 11th century, (c1850)
Empress Catherine II before the Mirror, 1779. Artist: Vigilius Erichsen
Portrait of Empress Catherine II, 18th century. Artist: Vigilius Erichsen
Napoleon on his Imperial Throne, 1804. Artist: Napoleon Bonaparte I
Jules Mazarin, Italian-born French politician, 17th century (1912).Artist: David Loggan
The Powerful Hand, 19th century
Louis XIV Presenting Peace to Europe, early 18th century. Artist: Francois Lemoyne
Cardinal Richelieu, c1637, (18th century)
Scene from the life of Hannibal, 18th century. Artist: Claudio Francesco Beaumont
Hercules and Cerberus, c1634. Artist: Francisco de Zurbaran
Creusot quick-firing field gun, Boer armoury, c1900
Portrait of Luca Pitti, early 16th century. Artist: Master of Florence

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