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Pompeii Gallery

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Diana the Huntress, fresco from the house Stabia at Pompeii
Roman mosaic of a dog, 1st century
Flora or Primavera, Roman wall painting from Pompeii, c1st century
Roman mosaic of dog, Cave Canem, Pompeii, Italy
A fresco from the villa of Agrippa Postumus at Boscotrecase, Pompeii
Erotic mural, Pompeii, Italy
Casts of victims of eruption of Vesuvius in AD79, Pompeii, Italy, c20th century
Pompeii Relics, Italy. Creator: Viet Chu
Remains of the house of the banker Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, Pompeii, (1902)
Roman mosaic of Scene from play with masked actors, Villa of Cicero, Pompeii, c2nd century BC
Roman wallpainting of Theseus after killing the Minotaur, Pompeii
Flight from Pompeii, 1873. Creator: Giovanni Maria Benzoni
The Eruption of Vesuvius, 1771. Creator: Pierre-Jacques Volaire
Body Cast from Pompeii, 1880. Creator: Giorgio Sommer
[Plaster Casts of Bodies, Pompeii], ca. 1875. Creator: Giorgio Sommer
Excavation Pompeii, Italy, 1891. Creator: BW Kilburn
Casa di Marco Lucrezio, Pompei (House of Marco Lucrezio, Pompeii), c.1870
Impronte Umane, Pompei (Human Cast, Pompeii), 1873. Creator: Giorgio Sommer
Pompeii, Pompeys Lane, Tomb Monument of Mamia, ca. 1853
View from the street entering beneath the gateway to the city of Pompeii
View of the interior of the city of Pompeii, from Antiquités de Pompeïa
View of Pompeii (Altra veduta della Stanza dove si preparava il Bogno Caldo... ).n.d
Plate 11: equestrian statue of Titus, seen three-quarters to the right, Mount Vesuv
Design for a Ceiling in Pompeian Style, 18th century. Creator: Anon
Triclinium, Excavated in the House of Actaeon, Pompeii, ca. 1824
Dining Room Elevation in a Simplified Third Pompeian Style, ca. 1870-90
Surgical instuments from Pompeii physicians home, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
Stove and money chests found at Pompeii, National Museum, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
Victims of the great disaster on August on August 24th, A.D. 79, Pompeii, Italy, c1909
Inner court, house of Marcus Lucretius, Pompeii, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
Model of ruins of Pompeii, National Museum, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
Roman metalwork, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Design for a ceiling-painting, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Cabinet in the Herculaneum taste, Leipzig, Germany, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Wall decoration, Pompeii, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Ceiling decoration, Pompeii, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
The Punishment of a Pupil. Fresco from the house of Julia Felix, 1st century. Creator
Triangular Forum, Ruins of Pompeii, Italy, c1909. Creator: George Rose
Street Scene in Pompeii, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Pompeii, 1876. Artist: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887)
Architectural Fantasy in the Style of Pompeii, 1856
Pompeii, Campania, Naples, Italy, 2015. Creator: Luis Rosendo
Destruction of Pompeii, 1833, (1939). Creator: Karl Briullov
Le Vesuve De Pompei, 1919. Artist: Pierre Gusman
Young girl at a Pompeian fountain, ca 1844
Plaster reproduction of an inhabitant of Pompeii died during the eruption of Vesuvius
Satyr embracing a nymph, fresco from the house of Epigram at Pompeii
Magician and her customers. Mosaic from Pompeiis Villa of Cicero, c. 100 a.C

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