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Pen And Ink Drawing Gallery

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Applique and Embroidered Coverlet, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Margaret Concha
The Muiderpoort, Amsterdam, seen from the Plantage, 1771. Creator: Hendrick Keun
A Marine Study, c1830, (1906-7). Artist: JMW Turner
Shield Knave: A Horseman, 1712 or later. Creator: Johannes Brandenberg
Madonna and Child, ca. 1593. Creator: Jan Muller
Landscape with hidden silhouettes of Marie Antoinette and the Dauphin, 1794-1815. 1794-1815. Creator: Anon
Landscape with a hidden silhouette of Louis XVI, 1794-1815. 1794-1815. Creator: Anon
Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Brook in Forest, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Thatched Shed on Farm, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Upper Torso with Upstretched Arms, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Bridge with House, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Tivoli, Showing Rome in the Distance, c.1781. Creator: Francis Towne
View of Farm Land Near the Sea, c.1770. Creators: Unknown, M. Venner
Young Woman Dancing, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Seated Troubadour Looking at Woman Asleep on Ledge, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Figures in Oriental Costume in a Landscape, n.d. Creator: Tiberius Dominikus Wocher
Two Pilgrims with Portable Shrine, n.d. Creator: Tiberius Dominikus Wocher
Head of Woman, Turning Left, n.d. Creator: tyle of Angelica Kauffmann Swiss, 1741-1807
Descent to Hell, n.d. Creators: Henry Fuseli, Theodore Matthias von Holst
Old Man with Young Woman, n.d. Creator: Marquand Fidel Dominikus Wocher
Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature, c.1680. Creator: Joseph Werner
The Wardrobe Consultant, 1782. Creator: Nicolas Lavreince
South Sea Island, n.d. Creator: Lorens Gottman
The Paternal Blessing, or The Departure of Basile, c. 1769. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Women and Children Mourning a Dead Man, 1778. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Group of Portrait and Compositional Studies, n.d. Creator: Jules Elie Delaunay
Dantes Purgatory, c. 1857. Creator: Jules Elie Delaunay
Scene of the Revolution, 1826. Creator: Jean Pierre Norblin
Study for The Oath of the Tennis Court: Bailly Standing on the Desk, Asking for a Vote, c. 1791
Studies for the Oath of the Tennis Court, 1789 / 91. Creator: Jean Pierre Norblin
Equestrian Pointing Left, n.d. Creator: Charles Parrocel
Oriental Riders, n.d. Creator: Charles Parrocel
Cavalry Surveying the Wounded, n.d. Creators: Charles Parrocel, Joseph Francois Parrocel
Knights on Horseback, n.d. Creator: Charles Parrocel
Ostrich Hunt, n.d. Creators: Charles Parrocel, Carle van Loo, Joseph Francois Parrocel
Boy Posing as Admiral on Ship, n.d. Creator: Dupenvant
Little Girl Cooking, n.d. Creator: Dupenvant
Boy Fishing, n.d. Creator: Dupenvant
Flagbearer, n.d. Creator: Dupenvant
Torrent in Tyrol, n.d. Creator: John Ruskin
At the Foot of the Cross. Creator: Alphonse Legros
Ascension Day Festival at Venice, 1765 / 1766. Creator: Canaletto
Mountainous Landscape with a River, 1807-63. Creator: Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
Farmhouse, c. 1770. Creator: Paul Sandby
Timothy (Cartoon for Lady Chapel east window), March 1872
Samuel (Cartoon for Lady Chapel east window), March 1872
Study for Lucains 'La Pharsale', Canto VIII, c. 1766

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