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Parasol Gallery

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Lady in the Garden, 1867. Artist: Claude Monet
Study for A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884. Creator: Georges-Pierre Seurat
Woman with the Umbrella, 1900. Artist: Aristide Maillol
The Prince of Wales with the Maharajah of Gwalior during his Indian tour, 1921
Woman chewing tobacco, Magelang, Java, 1898. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Allers
An official of the British East India Company riding on an elephant with an escort of foot soldiers
Prosperity - Stage VI, c1920. Artist: Warwick Reynolds
Illustration to A Happy Pair by Frederick Weatherly, 1890. Artist: Potter, Helen Beatrix (1866-1943)
The Japanese Garden, c1900-1944. Artist: Max Jacob
Buddhist Priests; Four Months in Ceylon, 1875. Creator: Unknown
The Actor Nakamura Kiyozo, ca. 1769. Creator: Ippitsusai Buncho
A Dandy of More Than Questionable Morals Out Walking on a Cold Day, ca. 1728. Creator: Ishikawa Toyonobu
Young Lady with Parasol in the Yoshiwara District. Creator: Ishikawa Toyonobu
Segawa Kikunojo II as a Girl and Ichikawa Tomiyeimon?, ca. 1770. Creator: Ippitsusai Buncho
Sunshade, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Lee Hager
The actors Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Sukeroku (R) and Onoe Kikugoro III as the white sake... c. 1823
The Actor Sawamura Sojuro I as Soga no Juro in the play 'Tsuru Kame Osana Soga, 'perfor... c. 1721
The Actors Ichimura Kamezo I as Kanto Koroku and Arashi Tominosuke I as Hayasaki in the pl... 1748
The Actors Bando Matakuro IV as Chubei, Osagawa Tsuneyo II as Umegawa, and Nakamura Katsug... 1783
The Actors Onoe Kikugoro I (right), Sanogawa Ichimatsu I (center), and Sanogowa Senzo... c. 1748
The Actors Sawamura Sojuro III as Kusunoki Masatsura and Arashi Murajiro as Ben no Naishi, ... 1786
Jeanne (Spring), 1902. Creator: Henri-Charles Guerard
Woman Walking with a Parasol (study for La Grande Jatte), 1884. Creator: Georges-Pierre Seurat
Whistlers Mother, after Whistler, c. 1883. Creator: Henri-Charles Guerard
The Actors Sanogawa Ichimatsu I as Soga no Goro and Ikushima Daikichi II as Kewaizaka no S... 1748
Entertainers of Tachibana (Kitchugi), from the series 'A Collection of Contemporary... c. 1781
The Actor Segawa Kikunojo I as Utabikuni in the play 'Fuji Miru Sato Sakae Soga'(?), perf... 1742
The Actors Ichikawa Monnosuke I as Kusunoki Masatsura and Arashi Wakano as Oyuki in the pl... 1723
The Actors Nakamura Takesaburo as Shikishi Naishinno and Tsuruya Nanboku as Gengoro in the... 1719
Courtesans Drawn in Osaka style (right), Kyoto style (center), and Edo style (left)... c. 1748
The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro IV as Sukeroku in the play 'Choseiden Fudan-zakura, '... 1756
The Actor Bando Hikosaburo II as Ono no Yorikaze in the play 'Ono no Tofu Aoyagi Suzuri, '... 1764
The Actors Segawa Kikunojo II as Ohatsu and Ichikawa Yaozo II as her lover Tokubei in the... 1767
Ono no Komachi Praying for Rain (Amagoi), from the series 'The Seven Fashionable... c. early 1760s
The Australian Derby: The Race for the Melbourne Cup; The Lawn, 1888. Creator: Unknown
Pool Perspective, Vietnam. Creator: Viet Chu
Geisha Going to Work (A). Creator: Dorte Verner
Geisha in the Rain (A). Creator: Dorte Verner
Geisha in the Rain (B). Creator: Dorte Verner
Parasol, American, ca. 1870. Creator: Stern Brothers
Parasol, American, 1880-90. Creator: Unknown
Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son, 1875. Creator: Claude Monet
Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Konoshita Tokichi, Nakamura Daikichi as His Wife, and Iwai Han
Woman Walking in the Snow, 1840s-early 1850s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige
Studies of people, Colombo, Ceylon, 1898. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Allers
Tamil boy, Kandy, Ceylon, 1898. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Allers
The Begum of Bhopal escorts the Prince of Wales to the Durbar Hall, India, 1921
Parasol Cover, England, 1870s. Creator: Unknown

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