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Lords and Gentlemen of Surrey and Kent Playing Cricket at Knole Park, Kent, 1775, 1947
A Cricket Match at Christchurch Priory, Hampshire, 1850, (1947). Creator: Unknown
Alfred Mynn, 1852, (1947). Creator: John Corbett Anderson
Anne of Warwick (1456-1485), queen consort of King Richard III, 1851
Warwick the Kingmaker, 15th century English nobleman and soldier, (1893)
Cricket Match Between Nottingham and Leicester, c.1829, (1947). Creator: Unknown
Cricket Match in Mary-Le-Bone Fields, 1748, (1947). Creator: Charles Grignion
Save Me from my Friends!, 1878. Artist: Joseph Swain
Sir Neville Wilkinson on the Steps of the Palladian Bridge at Wilton House, 1904 / 1905
Lieut.-General Hon. N. G. Lyttelton, C.B. 1900. Creator: Unknown
An XI of England v. XXII of Victoria at Melbourne, 1864, (1947). Creator: Unknown
F. R. Spofforth, 1906, (1947). Creator: Henry Scott Tuke
Cricket Song in Honour of Honest Baxter of Surrey, 1839, (1947). Creator: Unknown
Cricket at Irelands Royal Brighton Gardens, c.1830, (1947). Creator: George Hunt
The cabinet of Ramsay MacDonald, 1931, (1935). Creator: Unknown
The Original War Cabinet, 1939, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Churchill, 23 February 1940, (1945). Creator: Unknown
The Death of the Earl of Warwick (King Henry VI), c1870. Artist: T Brown
Edgar Neville Romree (1899-1924), Spanish writer and film director
Death to the Kingmaker, 1471 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
The Earl of Warwick submits to Queen Margaret, 1470 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
Stratagem of Lord Fauconbridge at Towton, 1461 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
Gloucester, disguised as a Policeman, discovering Lady Anne, . Artist: John Leech
Duchess of York, and Princess Margaret of Clarence, c1926. Artist: Herbert Norris
Home Again - the King, the Queen, with Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, 1938, (1938)
Henry Gartside Neville, British actor, 1884. Artist: St Jamess Photographic Co
National Government composed of members from the three main political parties, 1931 (1937)
Anne Neville, Queen consort of King Richard III of England 1483-1485.Artist: Anne Neville
Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914), British businessman, politician and statesman, 1905.Artist: Histed
Hadley Highstone, near Barnet, 1805.Artist: Sands
Anne Neville, Countess of Warwick, (1851)
Letter from Henry Neville and others, 19th July 1553.Artist: Henry Neville, Earl of Westmorland
Letter from Edward IV to Francis II, Duke of Brittany, 9th January 1471.Artist: Edward IV, King of England
Joan, daughter of the Earl of Salisbury, 15th century, (1910)
Effigy of Edward (1471-84), Sheriff Hutton Church, Yorkshire, 20th century. Artist: CM Dixon
The death of Warwick the Kingmaker, 1471 (c1880)
Scene from Shakespeares Richard III, (1591) c1858
Richard Neville or Nevill, Earl of Warwick, English medieval soldier and statesman, 19th century
Scene from Shakespeares Richard III, (1591) c1870
The Neville Brothers, 2009. Artist: Alan John Ainsworth
Robert Georges Nivelle (1856-1924), French military, General of the First World War
King George Vs Silver Jubilee, London, 6th May, 1935
Joseph Chamberlain, British Liberal politician, c1885

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