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Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill (24th Regiment) Dying to Save the Queens Colours, 1900
Fencing Match Between Mademoiselle La Chevaliere D Eon De Beaumont and Monsieur De Saint George
Approach to Christmas, c19th century. Artist: George Hunt
Warwick the Kingmaker, 15th century English nobleman and soldier, (1893)
Incident at the Battle of Isandlwana, Anglo-Zulu War, 22 January 1879. Artist: Charles Edwin Fripp
Storming of St. Sebastian, August 31, 1813, 1909. Artist: Thomas Sutherland
The Hon. Ralph Pelham Nevill, 1879. Creator: Vincent Brooks Day & Son
The Death of the Earl of Warwick (King Henry VI), c1870. Artist: T Brown
Death to the Kingmaker, 1471 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
The Earl of Warwick submits to Queen Margaret, 1470 (1864). Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
Storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, January 19, 1813, 1813 (1909). Artist: Thomas Sutherland
Battle of Quatre Bras, June 16, 1815, 1815 (1909). Artist: Thomas Sutherland
Officer, 2nd Regiment Life Guards (Waterloo Period), 1812-1815 (1909). Artist: Joseph Constantine Stadler
Piper, 42nd Royal Highlanders, c19th century, (1909)
Piper, 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, c19th century (1909)
Battle of Nivelle, November 10, 1813, 1815 (1909). Artist: Thomas Sutherland
Officers and Gentlemen of the Bloomsbury & Inns of Court Volunteers, 1780-1820, (1909). Artist: Charles Tomkins
Portrait representation of uniform inscribed by proprietor, 1780-1820, (1909). Artist: Charles Tomkins
General Doyle, c1860, (1909). Artist: William Say
Attack on the Road to Bayonne, December 13, 1813, c1813 (1909). Artist: Thomas Sutherland
Presenting New Colours to the 93rd Highlanders, Oct. 7th, 1834, 1834 (1909)
The Cavalry Charge at Balaclava, 1854 (1909)
Review of the 1st Life Guards and 8th Hussars, June 4th, 1842, 1842 (1909). Artist: James Henry Lynch
Bombardment of Sebastopol, 1854 (1909)
Showing the Difference Between The Man and the Officer, 1830-1840, (1909). Artist: William Heath
The 10th (Or the Prince of Waless Own) Regiment of Light Dragoons, 1800 (1909)
Royal Artillery Mounted Rockett Corps, 1812-1815 (1909). Artist: Joseph Constantine Stadler
George Augustus Elliot (Lord Heathfield), Governor of Gibraltar, 1788 (1909). Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Colonel of the 11th Hussars, 19th century, (1909)
Gentleman, the 7th (Royal Fusiliers) 1742, 1742 (1909)
Private, Grenadier Guards (1760), 1760 (1909)
Third Regiment of Foot (1799), 1799 (1909)
Death of General Montgomery, 1798 (1909). Artist: JT Clemens
George Augustus Quentin ( An officer of the 10th, or Prince of Waless Hussars, taken from life )
General Wolfe, c1759-1766 (1909). Artist: Richard Houston
James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, 1855 (1909)
Death of Major Pierson, 1796 (1909). Artist: James Heath
A Private of the 5th West India Regiment, c1812 (1909). Artist: Joseph Constantine Stadler
An Officer of the Guards in Full Dress, c1812 (1909). Artist: Joseph Constantine Stadler
A General View of Old England (The Welsh 41st Regiment), 1770-1810, (1909). Artist: Robert Dighton
94th Regiment of Foot (1830), 1830 (1909)
56th Regiment of Foot, 1799 (1909)
The 3rd Light Dragoons at Chillienwallah, 1849, 1849 (1909). Artist: John Harris Junior
17th Regiment, Drum Major (1830), 1830 (1909). Artist: Maxim Gauci
Charge of the 16th (Queens Own Lancers) at the Battle of Aliwal, January 28, 1846, 1847 (1909)
87th Regiment or Royal Irish Fusiliers, Drum Major (1828), 1828 (1909). Artist: Maxim Gauci
Grenadier Guards, Drummer (1829), 1829 (1909). Artist: Maxim Gauci
Royal Marines, Master of the Band (1830), 1830 (1909). Artist: Maxim Gauci

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