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Roman mosaic of a dog, 1st century
Greek Head of Gorgon or Medusa, Syracuse, Sicily
The Aztec Calendar Stone, or Stone of the Sun, National Museum, Mexico City, c1930s
The Death of Nelson, 1859-64, (1938). Artist: Daniel Maclise
Greek Bronze Statue of Poseidon found in sea near Cape Artemisian, c5th century BC
Roman marble sarcophagus with Dionysiac scenes, 2nd century
Archaic Greek bronze statuette of a Spartan female athlete
Zebu Bull Seal with Indus Script Found at Mohenjo Daro, Indus Valley, 3rd millenium BC
Gold coin with Philip II (382-336 a.C.), king of Macedonia
Dance Moorish - Spanish, engraving, 1529
Detail of the altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin with the Annunciation and shepherds
Detail of the altarpiece of Saint Vincent with personages of the age
Silence of the forest
A Summer Night, 1890, (1938). Artist: Albert Joseph Moore
Roman Bronze Jug. National Museum, Budapest
Roman Portait of a Young Man from Pompeii, c1st century
Roman wall painting from villa of Agriopa Posthumus, near Pompeii, c1st century
Roman wall painting, in Rome, 1st century
Archaic Greek warrior in Bronze, Syracuse, Sicily
Hercules and the Centaur Setos, Detail of Greek Pot, Corinthian, c7th century BC. Artist: Nessos Painter
Celtic Bronze Figure from Hungary, c.1st century BC
Hoard of Celtic Coins, (some copy Greek originals) found in Hungary, Silver, 1st Century BC
Crucifixion on Great Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark, c985, (20th century)
Gold brooch from Hornelund near Varde, c10th century
Greek small bronze Apollo from Kosmas near Sparta, late 6th century BC
Depiction of Roman gladiators
Bronze statue of a boxer
Roman statue of the High Priestess of Vesta
Roman colossal statue of Minerva
Bronze mask of Juno Lucina, 1st century BC
Bronze plaque of a horse, 5th-9th century
Gold Iron Age Fibula
Hand inscribed on stone, Bronze Age
Trepanned Skull
A 14th century box from Certosa, 14th century. Artist: Balthazar Embriachi
Mycenaean Warrior Vase, 12th century
Minoan pot painted with dolphins
Welsh neolithic arrowheads
Late iron age bronze brooch of a bird
Detail of a horseman from the helmet of a Thraco-Getic chief
Oedipus and the Sphinx on a Greek sarcophagus
Archaic bronze figure of a horse, 6th century BC
Greek marble horses head, c.5th century BC
Roman depiction of a centaur in a Bacchic procession, 2nd century
Detail of a Roman sarcophagus, 2nd century
Roman mosaic of a skeleton, 1st century
Roman mosaic depicting Egypt

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