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Mus E Du Louvre Gallery

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The Young Martyr (La Jeune Martyre), 1855
Saint Louis IX of France. Cardboard for the windows of the Chapel of St. Ferdinand, 1842
The Gathering of Manna, End of 16th cen
The Maternal Precaution
Moses turning Aarons rod into a snake
Winged genie. Detail of a relief from the palace of Assyrian king Sargon II, 722-705 BC. Artist: Assyrian Art
Ixion Chained in Tartarus, 1824
Nude Woman (Monna Vanna), Second decade of the 16th century
Place du Carrousel, Paris, 1900. Creator: Camille Pissarro
The Louvre, Afternoon, Rainy Weather, 1900. Creator: Camille Pissarro
Portrait of James Stewart Duke of Lennox and Richmond (1612-1655), ca 1636
Five Senses and the Four Elements, 1627
Odalisque, 1745
The Adoration of the Shepherds, c. 1644
The Reading, 1892
The Watering Place, Eragny, 1895
The Bathers, c. 1655
Small Bather, or The Interior of the Harem, 1828
Musical instruments, 1770
Bust of a girl, 1794
The Judgment of Solomon, 1649
Ice Floes Near Vetheuil (La Debacle pres de Vetheuil), c. 1880
The Deluge, c. 1616-1618
The Duet: Singer and Theorbo Player, 1669
Pilate Washing his Hands, c. 1650
Bonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of Jaffa, 1804
Young Woman Drinking, 1658
Weaver, 1884
Weaver, 1884
L Estaque, effet du soir
The Blind Leading the Blind
The Tithing (Village Lawyer), 1617
The Downpour, ca 1805
Ixion and Nephele, 1615
The Haycart (Return From Haymaking), 1642
Dianas Rest on the hunt, c. 1640
View of Florence from the Boboli Gardens, ca 1835-1840
The Angel of the Annunciation, c. 1653
Andromeda Chained to the Rock by the Nereids, 1840
The procession of Thetis, c. 1490-1499
Boy with a Top (A Child with a Teetotum), 1738
Self-Portrait with Bare Head, 1633
Faunus, 1709
Faunus, 1709
Imaginary View of the Grand Gallery of the Louvre in Ruins, 1796
Portrait of Prince Antoni Henryk Radziwill (1775-1833), 1797
Young Saint with a Sword (Saint Martin?), c. 1510
Saint Sebastian, 1490-1500
Milo of Croton

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