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Money Bag Gallery

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Money Bag, c. 1936. Creator: Roberta Spicer
Shaker Womans Money Bag, c. 1936. Creator: Ingrid Selmer-Larsen
Coin Purse, c. 1938. Creator: Ray Price
Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
The Wedding Night, May 20, 1797. Creator: Isaac Cruikshank
Signalement Des Chouans et Autres Contrevolutionaires, ca. 1793. Creator: Unknown
William Hog-garth Esq. Drawn from the Life, 1763. Creator: Unknown
Illustration to Proverbs 11: 26, 1534. Creator: Daniel Hopfer
Man Clutching Moneybags While Banks Collapse, late 19th-early 20th century
Struggle over the Flemish Milch-Cow, 1646. Creator: Crispijn de Passe I
Wilde on Us. Something To 'Live Up'To in America, June 10, 1882
Death and the Miser, December 20, 1801. December 20, 1801. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
The Bubblers Mirrour, or Englands Folly, 1720
What D Ye Lack, Madam?, 1861, (c1915). Artist: John Pettie
A Woman of the Time of Henry III, 1907. Artists: Dion Clayton Calthrop, King Henry III
Cartoon of Managing Director William E Bullock, Singer & Company Ltd?
Anti-semitism: medieval inscription on the town wall, Rothenburg, Germany, (1956)
Death and the Jew, 17th century (1849).Artist: Mathieu Marian
In Egypt: The Reserves of the Debt Going up in Smoke, 1896. Artist: Henri Meyer
Why hide them!, 1799. Artist: Francisco Goya
Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, St. Sophia, Istanbul, 20th century. Artist: CM Dixon
A Mutual Understanding, 1883. Artist: Joseph Swain
Au Revoir, 1873. Artist: Joseph Swain
The Great Self-Taxed, 1873. Artist: Joseph Swain
The Real Irish Court; Or, The Head Centre And The Dis-Senters, 1866. Artist: John Tenniel
The Merry Swiss Boy The Return of the Tourist, 1865. Artist: John Tenniel
The Election Budget, 1865. Artist: John Tenniel
Medium and Re-Medium, 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
Reversing the Proverb, 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
Goody Gladstones Gifts, 1864. Artist: John Tenniel
The Dowry, 1863. Artist: John Tenniel
Beggar my Neighbour, 1861

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