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Medallion Gallery

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George Scott Winslow, 1866. Creator: Edmonia Lewis
Title Plate from 'The Introduction of the Silkworm'[Vermis Sericus], ca. 1595 Creator: Karel van Mallery
Architectural Fragment with Relief Carving, 5th-6th century. Creator: Unknown
Bowl with Medallions of Butterflies, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Peaches, Plums and Orchids
Bowl with Medallionsof Butterflies, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Peaches
Covered Circular Box with Floral Medallion, Serrated Leaves, and Lotus Petals
Bowl with Stylized Medallions, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Yongzheng reign mark (1723-1735)
Cup with Dragon Medallions (Exterior) and Fruit (Interior), Qing dynasty
Bowl with Landscapes, Medallions, and Stylized Flowers, Qing dynasty
Bowl with Medallions of Archaistic and Auspicious Motifs, Qing dynasty
Rectangular Pillow with Figural and Landscape Scenes, Double-Lotus
Vase (Hu) with Horizontal Bands, Loop Handles, and Lionlike Medallions
Bowl with Floral Medallions and Stems, Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Pink-Ground Medallion Bowl, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Qianlong reign (1736-1795)
Ruby-Ground Medallion Bowl, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Daoguang reign (1821-1850)
Bowl with Medallions of Flowers, Qing dynasty, late 17th / early 18th century
Bowl with Six Dragon Medallions, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Kangxi reign (1662-1722)
Covered Bowl with Dragon Medallions, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), late 18th / 19th century
Study for En Tête Vignette in Tacitus 'Tibère
Panel, Italy, 1701 / 50. Creator: Unknown
Medallion, Bohemia, c. 1830. Creator: Dominik Biemann
Medallion, probably Margaret of Lorraine (recto); the Virgin Seated on a Throne... c
Shamsa Medallion, 16th / 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Medallion, Italy, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Chief Tja-Yo-Ni, 1904. Creator: Edward Warren Sawyer
Ne-I-So-Meh - Yuma, 1904. Creator: Edward Warren Sawyer
Est-Zan-Lopa—Navajo Ganado Arizona, 1904. Creator: Edward Warren Sawyer
Medallion with Head of Medusa, Burslem, 1774 / 80. Creator: Wedgwood
Still Life with Ostrich Egg Cup and the Whitfield Heirlooms, c. 1670
Emile Diaz, Son of the Painter, 1850 / 75. Creator: Antoine-Louis Barye
Beaker, France, 1835 / 40. Creator: Unknown
Fragment of medallion of purple glass paste, ca. 1300. Creator: Unknown
Member badge for the House of Ruth belonging to Josephine B. Tate, 20th century
Bronze freemasonry medallion depicting Prince Hall, after 1807. Creator: Unknown
Plate with a stamped brass eagle design from a cartridge box belt, 1862-1865
Self-Portrait, Medallion, No.2, 11th plate. Creator: Alphonse Legros
Gritti Before the Breached City Wall [reverse], 1512 / 1516. Creator: Giovanni Falier
The Three Graces [reverse]. Creator: Danese Cattaneo
Orpheus [obverse], c. 1893. Creator: Marie-Alexandre-Lucien Coudray
The Juxon Medal: Charles I, 1600-1649, King of England 1625 [obverse], 1639
The Juxon Medal: The Dominion of the Seas [reverse], 1639. Creator: Nicolas Briot
Giovanni II Bentivoglio, 1443-1508, Lord of Bologna 1463-1506 [obverse]
Shield Surmounted by an Eagle [reverse], 15th or 16th century. Creator: Unknown
Flask with Zodiac Medallions, Iran, first half 14th century
Ewer Base with Zodiac Medallions, Iran, first half 13th century. Creator: Unknown
Bowl with Figural Imagery, Iran, second half 14th century. Creator: Unknown
Flask with Molded Decoration, Iran, 12th-13th century. Creator: Unknown
Jewelry Elements, Iran or Central Asia, late 14th-16th century. Creator: Unknown

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