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Magician Gallery

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Portrait of Matthias Buchinger (1674-1739), 1709. Creator: Anon
Magician with four Figures near a smoking Altar, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-52
Seated magician, boy and four figures from the Scherzi di Fantasia, ca. 1743-50
Two magicians and two boys, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Three magicians burning a snake, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
A magician, a soldier and three figures watching a burning skull from the Scherzi d
Woman kneeling in front of magicians and other figures, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Magician pointing out a burning head to two youths, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
The Discovery of the Tomb of Punchinello, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Two astrologers and a boy, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Shepherd with Two Magicians, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-57
Circe, 1910. Creator: Frederick Stuart Church
Scene from the Tempest: Caliban, Prospero and Miranda, [1783-87] reissued 1801
St. James and the Magician Hermogenes, 1565. Creator: Pieter van der Heyden
St. James and the Magician Hermogenes from The Story of the Magician Hermogenes, 1565
Hocus Pocus-or Conjurors Raising the Wind, October 1, 1814. Creator: Charles Williams
Monsieur Philippe, at the Strand Theatre, 1845. Creator: Unknown
John Nevil Maskelyne performs a spirit cabinet illusion, c1910. Creator: Unknown
The sorceress Melissa, ca 1521-1525
Magician and her customers. Mosaic from Pompeiis Villa of Cicero, c. 100 a.C
Do Spirits Return? Houdini says No - and Proves It, Lyceum Theatre, 1909
Playbill for appearance by Houdini at Palace Theatre, Halifax, pub. 1903 (lithograph)
Frontispiece and Titlepage of The Conjurors Magazine, 1792
Obsidian mirror which once belonged to Dr John Dee ( 1527-1608 ), thought to be part
The crystal ball of Dr
Engraved with concentric star shapes and other designs, the Seal of God"
This gold disc is engraved with the Vision of the Four Castles, experienced
A panel from the Codex Fejervary-Mayer shows Tlazolteotl, the goddess of witchcraft
View of the Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal
The Night
The Night
The Magician at the Palace. Artist: Lucas Villaamil, Eugenio (1858-1919)
The sorceress Melissa. Artist: Dossi, Dosso (ca. 1486-1542)
A Witch, 1879. Artist: Savitsky, Konstantin Apollonovich (1844-1905)
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven - Abdulla No7, 1947
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, French, 1855
English Credulity, or The Invisible Ghost, 1762
The Magician or Bottle Cungerer. English Credulity: or, Ye're all Bottled, 1749
A street conjurer in Algiers, 1895.Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
Dr Faustus in his Study
Professor Anderson at Balmoral, 1849, (1900)
The Necromancer, ca 1775. Artist: Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste (1734-1781)
Landscape with a Scene of Enchantment, ca 1590. Artist: Fiammingo, Paolo (c. 1540-1596)
Vandredi Magic Revue (Poster), 1923. Artist: Anonymous
Spider-Woman (Poster), 1922. Artist: Anonymous
Conjurers, 16th century. Artist: Dosso Dossi
The Sorcerer, Medicine Man, or Shaman
Conjuror performing tricks, 1715
Sailors buying winds (tied in knots) from a magician, 1562
Scene from Shakespeares The Tempest, 1856-1858. Artist: Robert Dudley
Chief of the Florida Indians consulting a magician (shaman) before going into battle, c1780
Morgan le Fay casts spell on Merlin. Artist: Henry Ryland
Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida 1742-1745. Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Six people watching a snake, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Blue Plaque, Teddington Studios, Surrey, England. Creator: Ethel Davies;Davies, Ethel
Traditional Chinese theatre, c1928. Creator: Unknown
The Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal

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