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Loincloth Gallery

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Saint Sebastian, 1642. Artist: Guercino
The Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John, ca. 1624-25. Creator: Hendrick ter Brugghen
The Chief, Mango, and portion of his Tribe; Some Account of New Caledonia, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Egyptian Artifact Male Form. Creator: Viet Chu
By whose stripes ye were healed, mid 19th century. Creator:s Freeman
Abalone Divers, Japan, c. 1797 / 98. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Procession of Wrestlers for a Fundraising Match (Kanjin ozumo dohyo-iri no zu)
Loincloth Panel, Peru, 1250 / 1470. Creator: Unknown
Loincloth Panel, Peru, A.D. 1000 / 1476. Creator: Unknown
Fragment (Loincloth), Peru, A.D. 1250 / 1470. Creator: Unknown
Standing Male Figurine Wearing a Necklace and Breechcloth, 500 / 300 B.C. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment, c. 1656. Creator: Guercino
The Crucifixion, 1627. Creator: Francisco de Zurbaran
Lamentation over the Body of Christ, c. 1500. Creator: Gerard David
The Crucifixion, c. 1370. Creator: Francescuccio Ghissi
The Resurrection, 1619 / 20. Creator: Cecco del Caravaggio
Tarquin and Lucretia, c. 1578 / 80. Creator: Jacopo Tintoretto
The Crucifixion, 1401 / 04. Creator: Taddeo di Bartolo
The Baptism of Christ, 1500 / 05. Creator: Perugino
Resurrection of Christ, 1665 / 70. Creator: Samuel van Hoogstraten
Crucifix, 1230 / 40. Creator: Master of the Bigallo Crucifix
The Dream of Saint Jerome, 1476. Creator: Matteo di Giovanni
Processional Cross with Saint Mary Magdalene and a Blessed Hermit, 1392 / 95
Corpus of Christ, from the Altarpiece of the Crucifixion, 1391-99
The Crucifixion, c. 1487. Creator: Carlo Crivelli
The Resurrection, c. 1635. Creator: Bartholomeus Breenbergh
The Descent from the Cross, c. 1485. Creator: Bernardino Butinone
Allegorical Figure of America, Derby, 1770 / 80. Creator: Derby Porcelain Manufactory
The Wrestlers, ca. 1785. Creator: Shunsho
The Awabi Fishers, late 18th-early 19th century. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Abalone Divers, 1788. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Saint Sebastian being tied to a tree, 1625-50. Creator: Girolamo Pedrignani
Tantalus, ca. 1557-70. Creator: Giulio Sanuto
Christ crucified on the cross, a skull at the base, ca. 1770-1803
The Trinity, with the crucifixion at center and saints to both sides, 1586
The Flagellation of Christ who is tied to a column at center set within an arcade, 1509
The Martyrdom of Saint Christopher, 'Secondo Quadro', 1776
Diak Man, ca. 1893. Creator: Antonio Zeno Shindler
Melanesian Man, ca. 1890-1899. Creator: Antonio Zeno Shindler
The Crucifixion, c. 1490 / 1500. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
The Flagellation, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Ecce Homo, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Christ on the Cross, c. 1480 / 1500. Creator: Unknown
The Archers, 1917. Creator: Bryson Burroughs
An Audience with Rom Rishi, ca. 1700-1725. Creator: Unknown
The Small Crucifixion, c. 1511 / 1520. Creator: Matthias Gruenewald
The Crucifixion, c. 1473 / 1474. Creator: Francesco del Cossa
Saint Sebastian, c. 1505. Creator: Amico Aspertini

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