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Leadership Gallery

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Winston Churchill making his famous V for Victory sign, 1942
William III. At the Battle of the Boyne, (1690), 1890. Creator: Unknown
A Roman Triumph, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Marschall Bernadotte 1763-1844. Stich nach der Zeichmung von Hilaire Le Dru, 1934
Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, Chinese Communist leaders, c1950s(?)
Napoleon Crossing the Alps, detail, c1800. Artist: Jacques Louis David
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, World War II, 4-11 February 1945
Statue of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, first half of 2nd century
Statue of Augustus as Jupiter, first half of 1st century BC
The Apostle, 1908. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Rushing Red Lodges Passed through the Line, c. 1900. Creator: Frederic Remington
The Mexican Major, 1889. Creator: Frederic Remington
Pinback button for Kennedy - Johnson 1960 presidential campaign, 1960
Folding tab button for Kennedy - Johnson 1960 presidential campaign, 1960
Christ Appearing to the Apostles. Creator: Valerio Belli
At the Head of a Swiss Army, Francesco I d'Este, with Uncrushed Spirit
Francesco I d'Este Receiving the Affection of the People
Lord Nelson, (1758-1805), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Public Rejoicings on the Recovery of Pompey, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Lord Nelson, c1797, (1890). Creator: Unknown
Landing of Julius Caesar in Britain, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Teutons on the March, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Nelson, (1758-1805), 1816. Creator: Unknown
Buonaparte atttempting to force the Bridge of Arcola, (1796), 1816. Creator: Unknown
Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. From the original of Jarvis, in the
Winston Churchill, c1916, (1941)
Sir Robert Walpole, c1740s, (1941)
Colonel Fitzgeralds Charge at San Sebastian, c1880
Thackwell at Sobraon, c1880. Artist: T.S.S
Captain, 1941. Artist: Cecil Beaton
Ferdinand von Schill 1776-1809, 1934
Gneisenau 1760-1831. - Gemalde von Camphausen, 1934
Friedrich der Grosze 1712-1786 als Schlachtenkonig. - Gemalde von Camphausen, 1934
General von Seydlitz 1721-1773. - Gemalde von Camphausen, 1934
Colonel Galbraith at the Battle of Maiwand, c1880
Willliam III. At the Boyne, 1690, (c1880)
The Order of Wilhelm of the Netherlands, c19th century
Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), as a young man
Hans Joachim von Ziethen 1699-1786. - Gemalde von W. Schuch, 1934
Feldmarschall Graf Schwerin 1684-1757. - Gemalde von Camphausen, 1934
Kaiser Wilhelm I. 1797-1888 und leine Paladine. - Gemalde von Camphausen, 1934
Prinz Friedrich Karl von Preuszen 1828-1885, 1934
Feldmarschall Blucher 1742-1819. - Gemalde von M. Weese, 1934
Looking down upon the stream, he stood awhile deep in thought, c1912 (1912)
Michael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia, c1906, (1907)
Robert Walpole, 18th century English statesman
Zhou Enlai, first Premier of the Peoples Republic of China, c1950s(?)
Mao Zedong and Chen Yi, Chinese Communist leaders, c1960s(?)

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