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Lancers Gallery

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12th Lancers, 1889
The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome; the Emperor and the King of Italy passing between lines o Creator: Unknown
Austrian Lancers, early 19th century. Creator: Johann Christian Erhard
Cossacks Escorting the Regimental Cassone, 1815. Creator: Johann Christian Erhard
Russian Lancers Escorting the Regimental Cassonne, 1816. Creator: Johann Christian Erhard
The Conquest of the Soudan, 1896-98: the Battle of Omdurman, September 2, 1898, (1901)
The Drum Banners of the Cavalry Regiments of the British Army, 1902
7th Reserve squadron of the Black Sea Cossacks
Soldiers of the 1st Guard Cavalry Division of the Russian Imperial Guard, 1867
The 2nd Guard Cavalry Division, 1867. Artist: Piratsky, Karl Karlovich (1813-1889)
A Risaldar of the 16th Bengal Cavalry, 1902
Lancers Returning from a Foray, c1880
The Mexican Lancers Charged The Illinois Soldiers, 1902. Artist: Sidney E Paget
The 16th Bengal Lancers, 1900
The Charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman, 1898 (1906)
Hailed by the New Men of his Old Regiment, 1941
Indian Lancers, Alexandra Palace, London, 1902.Artist: ME Wright
British troops passing through a Galician village, Spain, First World War, 1914
Armoured Belgian troops under attack by Uhlans, First World War, 1914
The King Emperor as Colonel-In-Chief, Lancers, Indian Army, 1914
Uhlans checked by barbed wire near Liege, Belgium, First World War, 1914
The coup d etat, lancers charging the crowd in the boulevards of Paris, 19th century
The First Sikh War, India, 1840s, (c1920)
Indian cavalry after their charge, Somme, France, First World War, 14 July 1916, (c1920)
The 21st (Empress of India s) Lancers, 1900. Artist: R Simkin
16th Lancers, 1890
5th Lancers, 1889
17th Lancers, 1890.Artist: R Simkin
9th Lancers, 1889
Russian lancers bringing in provisions, 1870
Charge of the Prussian Lancers at Weissenburg, 1870, (1875)
Uniforms of a regiment of lancers of the French royal guard, 1823. Artist: Charles Etienne Pierre Motte
Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II at the Cathedral of the Assumption of Moscow in 1894

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