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Jumping Gallery

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Man and horse jumping a fence, 1887 Artist: Eadweard J Muybridge
Defeat of the Insurgents by Sir John Colborne at St Eustache, 25 November 1837, (1877)
Rot the beggar exclaims Romford, 1865. Artists: John Leech, Hablot Knight Browne
The Midnight Steeplechase near Melton Melbury--The Finish, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The House of Commons Point - to - Point-Steeplechase near Rugby; Mr Elliott Lees wins on Damon, Creator: Unknown
The Fight at Brakenlaagte: Boers Charging, 1902. Creator: John Charlton
The Right Sort. To The Crack Riders Of England, mid 19th century, (c1955). Creator: Unknown
Boys playing leap frog near the project, Frederick Douglass housing project, Anacostia, D.C. 1942
The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro II as Fujiwara no Kanemichi in the play 'Otomo no Matori, 'perf... 1726
Disappearing fishing method by Moken. Creator: Dorte Verner
601 E Main St, Salem, VA. Creator: Chris Suspect
Mural painting in the Tomb of Typhon (Tomba del Tifone) at Tarquinia, Italy, (1928]
Mural frieze in the Tomb of the Lionesses (Tomba delle Leonesse), Tarquinia, Italy, (1928)
Vale of Aylesbury Steeple Chase, Plate 2, c1836, (c1955). Creators: Charles Hunt, George Hunt
The Wrong Sort. To The Craners Of England, mid 19th century, (c1955). Creator: Unknown
Confound This Pinfold!, c1860, (1922). Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
Well, This is a New Way of Taking a Fence-She Doesn t Seem to Take Offence Anyhow, n.d
Young Man Playing Ushiwaka, c. 1725. Creator: Okumura Toshinobu
Mitate (Parody) of Ono no Tofu in the Play Geiko Zashiki Kyogen, Japan, c. 1776
Kusa Nagi, from the series 'Pictures of No Performances (Nogaku Zue)', 1898
Girl Leaping from Kiyomizu Temple, c. 1765. Creator: Torii Kiyotsune
Album Page with Calligraphic Specimen and Animal Border, late 17th cent
John Young on the lunar surface, 1972. Creator: Charles Duke
Cernan Jump Salutes Flag, 1972. Creator: Harrison Schmitt
Navy diver leaps from helicopter, 1965. Creator: NASA
Doll and Costume, c. 1937. Creator: Mary E Humes
Imperial Jump-rope (Le Sauteur impérial, grand faiseur de tour), July 1815
Les Chiens savants, 1883. Creator: Daniel Urrabieta Vierge
Mouse, c. 1937. Creator: Giacinto Capelli
Charles Walter Amory family album, 1888-1897. Creator: Unknown
A Good Shot, Adirondacks, 1892. Creator: Winslow Homer
A cette lueur soudaine... (In the sudden gleam of light...), 1878
Foursome Reel, 1934. Creator: Unknown
The Suicide (Le Suicide), c. 1886. Creator: Paul Albert Besnard
The End of the Hunt, c. 1800. Creator: Unknown
Scenes from a steeplechase: Taking a Hedge, ca. 1845. Creator: Henry Thomas Alken
Scenes From a Steeplechase: Another Hedge, ca. 1845. Creator: Henry Thomas Alken
The Quorn Hunt in Full Cry: Second Horses, ca. 1835. Creator: John Dalby
Hunting Scene: Drawing the Cover, ca. 1840. Creator: Henry Thomas Alken
Scene from the Steeplechase: The Fallen Jockey, 1866, reworked 1880-1881 and c. 1897
Horse Balking (Horse Clearing an Obstacle), late 1880s. Creator: Edgar Degas
A riding school, a horseman with sword jumping directed by another man with a sword in
The Fall of Troy and Escape of Aeneas, mid-1540 s. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi
French Equestrian Circus on the grounds of Asakusa Kannon temple
Taking the Brook, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Scene in Privy Gardens, Whitehall, on Sunday last, 27 April 1844. Creator: Unknown
Becker, Boston, National League, from the White Border series (T206) for the American T
The Badger Imposes as Punishment to Jump Three Times Over a Stick on the Ground, 1650-75

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