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Hoof Gallery

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A Morrocan farrier at left accompanied by another figure attending to the hoof of a... ca. 1860-70
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, 1535 / 40. Creator: Unknown
The Fruit Bearers, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Frontispiece to 'Plays'by John Davidson, 1893. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Waste Bowl, part of Tea and Coffee Service, 1878. Creator: Rogers Smith and Company
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, from The Story of Vertumnus
Satyr Mother and Child, about 1510 / 40. Creator: Workshop of Severo da Ravenna
Old Nick, the Devil, c. 1936. Creator: Florian Rokita
The education of Achilles, 1650-55. Creator: Giovanni Cesare Testa
Bacchanal, ca. 1557. Creator: Giulio Sanuto
Horse and Rider, Momoyama period, 1568-1615. Creator: Unknown
Satyr Family (Pan and his Family), from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Versailles, Le Parc, 1904. Creator: Eugene Atget
Handle (?) in the form of a horse leg and hoof, Han dynasty, 206 BCE-220 CE
Plate 1: a peasant checking the hoof of his mule by a stream, from Landscapes in t
The Griffin. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Satyrs Family, c. 1503 / 1504. Creator: Jacopo de Barbari
Goat in a Landscape, 1805. Creator: Adam von Bartsch
Two Satyrs in a Forest, 1777. Creator: Salomon Gessner
Female Satyr Nursing a Child in a Wooded Landscape, 1656. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Titus Manlius, from the series The Roman Heroes, 1586. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
Love Conquers All (Omnia vincit Amor), in a struggle with a satyr Amor places his right
Satyr whipping a nymph, who is shown from behind and bound to a tree, a second saty
Frontispiece from 'Collection of Portraits', 1714-41
St. Bernard Adoring the Christ Child, October 5, 1524. Creator: Dirck Vellert
Four Studies of Horses Legs, c1480 (1945). Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
A Famous Led Horse in the Retinue of the Rao of Cutch, 1903. Artist: Mortimer L Menpes
Structure of the foot of a horse, c1907 (c1910). Artist: RE Holding
Knight and Squire, early 16th century, (1929). Artist: Hans Wechtlin the Elder
Study of a Satyr, 1913.Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
Field Marshal Joseph Gourko, Russian Field Marshal, 19th century.Artist: E Florian
Fauna, c1850-1898. Artist: Felicien Joseph Victor Rops
Evolution of the horse, c1920
Four studies of horses legs, c1500. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Portico of the Temple of Julius, 16th century

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