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Hanging Scroll Gallery

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Bamboo in the Wind, early 17th century. Creator: Yi Jeong (Korean, 1541-1626)
Guanyin as the Nine-Lotus Bodhisattva, 1593. Creator: Unknown
Haboku, Splashed Ink Landscape, 1400s-early 1500s century. Creator: Sessh? T?y? (Japanese
Hibiscus and Magpies, 1847. Creator: Yamamoto Baiitsu
Lions at the Stone Bridge of Mount Tiantai, 1779. Creator: Soga Shohaku
Wild Geese and Water, 1839. Creator: Hokusai
Kintaro with Carp, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
The Eight Hosts of Deva, Naga, and Yakshi, 1454. Creator: Unknown
The Hermit Xu You Resting by a Stream, 1400s. Creator: Dai Jin (Chinese, 1388-1462)
Woman as an Itinerant Monk: Onna Komuso (Otsu-e), late 1600s-early 1700s. Creator: Unknown
Yorimitsu killing Tsuchigumo (Detail of the scroll Tsuchigumo no Soshi Emaki), 13th century. Artist: Anonymous
Inn and Travelers in Snowy Mountains, dated 1745. Creator: Yuan Yao
Egrets, Peonies, and Willows, early 19th century. Creator: Yamamoto Baiitsu
Flowers and Goldfish, 18th century. Creator: So Shizan
Interior with Woman, Child and Nurse, late 18th-early 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Landscape in the Style of Ancient Masters: after Gao Shangshu, following Dong Yuan (active... 1642. Creator: Unknown)
Noble Hermit in a Mountain Retreat, late Ming / early Qing dynasty, 17th century. Creator: Chen Ruyan
River and Mountain Landscape, Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Creator: Xiang Shengmo
Lotus and Waterfowl, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 1697. Creator: Unknown
Mountainous Landscape after Wang Meng, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 1715. Creator: Wang Yuanqi
Flowers of the Four Seasons, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 18th / 19th century. Creators: Unknown, Prince Yongrong
Oxherding, first half of the 15th century. Creator: Sekkyakushi
Portrait of Qianlong Emperor As a Young Man, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Children playing in the palace garden, late 13th-15th century. Creator: Unknown
Cherry Blossoms, 18th century. Creator: Go Shun
Samurai and Wakashu (Bushi to wakashu), early 18th century. Creator: Miyagawa Issho
Plums, Bamboo, and Orchid, 1834. Creator: Yamamoto Baiitsu (Japanese, 1783-1856)
Scholar in Landscape, Yuan dynasty (1280-1368), 14th century or later. Creator: Unknown
Calligraphy, probably from the set 'The Four Accomplishments', Ming dynasty
Puxian, the Bodhisattva of Benevolence, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), 14th century
Kobo Daishi (Kukai) as a Boy (Chigo Daishi), 15th century. Creator: Unknown
Nehan: Death of the Buddha, late 17th / early 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Painting, from the set 'The Four Accomplishments', Ming dynasty (1368-1644)
Flight of Geese, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368). Creator: Unknown
Water Pavilion by Twin Pines, Yuan or early Ming dynasty, 14th-15th century
An Actor on Stage, Edo period, 1720-1730. Creator: Unknown
Illustrated Legends of the Tenchi-in (Tenchi-in engi), 14th century. Creator: Unknown
Courtesan, 1750 / 75. Creator: Unknown
Landscape, 15th century. Creator: Oguri Sotan
Planting Fragrant Fungus at the Tiaozhou an, Ming dynasty (1368-1644), 1627 (?)
Hanging a Painting (parody of the Third Princess), c. 1767. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Seated Beauty, c. 1730. Creator: Tosendo Rifu
Spring Arriving in the Han Palace, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), 1717. Creator: Yuan Jiang
Daruma, c. 1550. Creator: Unknown
Spring View from a Thatched Pavilion on the Lakeshore, late 15th century
Yang Guifei, Japan, 1789-92. Creator: Shunsho
Samurai, 1750 / 75. Creator: Unknown
Female Dancer, 1624-44. Creator: Unknown

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