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Hanging Gallery

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The Miseries of War, No. 11. The Hanging, 1633. Artist: Callot, Jacques (1592-1635)
Woman Ironing, begun c. 1876, completed c. 1887. Creator: Edgar Degas
Birmingham (near Detroit), Michigan, 1942. Creator: Arthurs Siegel
Childrens Crusade, ca. 1550-80. ca. 1550-80. Creator: Monogrammist LIW
Japan lamp for ceiling, ca. 1790. Creator: Matthew Boulton
Title Plate from 'The Introduction of the Silkworm'[Vermis Sericus], ca. 1595 Creator: Karel van Mallery
Duke of Fifes game larder, 1881. Artist: G Durand
A Woman as Ebisu, from the series 'Seven Women as the Gods of Good Fortune for the... c. 1820
Paint Brush. Creator: Tom Artin
The Savages Let Loose, or the Cruel Fate of the Loyalists, 1783
The Stafford Altar Frontal, England, 1620 / 40 (appliquéd areas: late 17th century)
Hanging Incense Burner, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Hanging up dyed cloth, Japan, c. 1805. Creator: Hokusai
The Pig-Butcher, 1844. Creator: Charles Emile Jacque
For the Benefit of the 16th Arrondissement Nursery, 1895
Hanging Closet, c. 1940. Creator: Ernest A Towers Jr
Young Woman Hanging a Mosquito Net, c. 1775. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
Altar Frontal, Italy, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Altar Frontal, Italy, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Figural Group, Flanders, c. 1770. Creators: Pierre François Lejeune
Altar Frontal, Germany, c. 1450. Creator: Unknown
Hanging Portière or Panel for a Bed, France, 1775 / 1825. Creator: Unknown
Street Hanging Lamp, c. 1938. Creator: Manuel G. Runyan
Shaker Hanging Cupboard, c. 1936. Creator: Victor F. Muollo
Ceremonial Hanging, India, late 17th / early 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Ceremonial Hanging (palepai), Sumatra, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Calfs Head and Ox Tongue, c. 1882. Creator: Gustave Caillebotte
The Hanged Monk, c. 1810. Creator: Francisco Goya
The Hanging of Judas, Alsace, c. 1520. Creator: Unknown
Hanging Corner Cupboard, c. 1938. Creator: Wilbur M Rice
Ceremonial Hanging (palepai), Indonesia, 19th century. Creator: Unknown
The Festival, 1875. Creator: Edward John Poynter
Antependium of Altar, 1937. Creator: Edward Jewett
Antependium of Altar, 1939. Creator: Edward Jewett
Hanging Shelf, 1940. Creator: Rolland Livingstone
Powder Flask, c. 1939. Creator: Randolph F Miller
Marylin, the Trapeze Artist, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Frank Gray
Gable and Apples, 1922. Creator: Alfred Stieglitz
Venice, 1894, printed 1920 / 39. Creator: Alfred Stieglitz
The Martyrs of Gorchum, 1630-87. Creator: Francois Collignon
Sheet 14 of figures for Chinese shadow puppets, 1859. Creator: Juan Llorens
Hanging Corner Cupboard, 1941. Creator: Harry Eisman
Pennsylvania German Hanging Salt Box, c. 1939. Creator: Betty Jean Davis
The Death of Judas, c. 1634 / 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Hanging, c. 1633. Creator: Jacques Callot
Hanging Comb Rack, c. 1939. Creator: Frank Budash
Bernardo, 1619. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Newly Elected Doge Presented to the People in San Marco, 1763 / 1766

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