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The 8th Army commander Bernard Law Montgomery, 1942. Artists: Sir John Alexander Hammerton, Unknown
Hooded British Territorials charging the German Trenches at Loos, September 25th, 1915, 1916
The Campbells are Coming! Brave Pipers Playing Highland Regiments to Victory, 1917
A pair of straw boys, Ireland, 1922.Artist: AW Cutler
Arunta tribesmen of central Australia preparing a new corroboree, 1922. Artist: Baldwin Spencer
Map illustrating the Russian Invasion of East Prussia, 1915. Creator: Unknown
The Zeppelin Bombardment of Antwerp in August, 1814, in Defiance of the Hague Convention, 1915
Map Showing the German Cameroon Colony, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Large Scale Map of First Phase of the Struggle for Verdun, 1916. Creator: Unknown
An Igbo woman wearing ankle plates, Nigeria, West Africa, 1922.Artist: Northcote Thomas
Medicine man of the Worgaia, central Australia, 1922
Land-working women, East Prussia, 1922.Artist: Georg Haeckel
Women at Work that Men might Fight, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Sunday on the Western Front: Chaplain Conducts Impromptu Service, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The Eastern Area of the Great War, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Map indicating the Position of the Allied Naval Victory in the Baltic, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Map of Two and a Half Years Campaign in Mesopotamia, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The First V.C. ever Won by a Territorial, 1916. Creator: Unknown
British Infantry Storm Ruined Heudicourt, 1917. Creator: Unknown
Map Showing the Relation of Serbia to Neighbouring States, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Chocolate and Apples Behind the British Lines, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The Historic Landing from the River Clyde at Seddul Bahr, Gallipoli, April 25th
Detailed Map of the Arras Fighting Area, 1917. Creator: Unknown
Detailed Map of Gallipoli and Dardanelles, 1916. Creator: Unknown
An Evening Concert in Officers Mess of the Artists Rifles, 1917. Creator: Unknown
General Count Luigi Cadorna, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The Spirit of Our Old Navy Yet Llives - The Drake Touch in the North Sea, 1915
Guarding Britains Food Supplies, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Coaling the Fleet During a Gale, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The Campaign in German East Africa, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The War Map of Western Europe, 1915. Creator: Unknown
Map of Poland Showing Position of Conflicting Nations on July 24th, 1915, 1916. Creator: Unknown
General Sir Henry S. Rawlinson, K.C.B. K.C.V.O. 1917. Creator: Unknown
Forward with the Tricolour: French Infantry advance to Meet the Enemy, 1916. Creator: Unknown
The Great Arras Battle Area, 1917. Creator: Unknown
The Emperor of Russia with the Grand Duke Nicholas at the Front, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Dr. Woodrow Wilson, 1917. Creator: Unknown
Under the Blue Cross: Wounded Horses Being Conveyed to the Veterinary Hospital, 1917
German Troops Occupying the City of Liege, 1915 Creator: Unknown
Map Illustrating the Russian Retreat from Galicia in the Summer of 1915, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Map Showing German Retreat in the West, 1917, 1917. Creator: Unknown
Famous French Leaders: General Joffre, General D'Urbal, and General Foch. 1916
The Principal Railways of Europe and Asia Minor, 1916. Creator: Unknown
On the Homeward Journey: Conveying Wounded from Collecting Posts to Dressing Stations, 1917
First Positions of the Two Million Troops of the Warring Nations, 1915. Creator: Unknown
General Sir William Robert Robertson, K.C.B. K.C.V.O. D.S.O. 1917. Creator: Unknown
The New Territory which General Botha added to the Empire, 1916. Creator: Unknown
Railway Systems of the Allies and Germany, 1916. Creator: Unknown

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