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Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877. Artist: Gustave Caillebotte
Le Sommeil, 1866. Artist: Gustave Courbet
The Last Judgement, 1865-1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
Moses descending from Mount Sinai with the tablets of the law (Ten Commandments), 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
Ludgate Hill, London, 1872
Gustave Dore, French artist, engraver and illustrator, 1863
Charles IX of France, 1898. Artist:s Krakow
Bird s-eye view of the Eiffel Tower at the time of the opening of the Paris Exposition of 1889
Charles V, 1898. Artist: Hildirbrand
A Canyon, 1878. Artist: Gustave Dore
Archangel Gabriel, instrument of God, smiting the camp of Sennacherib and the Assyrians, 1865-1866
The Archangel Michael and his angels fighting the dragon, 1865-1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
God creating light, 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
Death of Louis Charles Antoine Desaix, French General and military leader, 1898. Artist: Barbant
The Citadel of Namur, 1898
Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances in France under Louis XIV, 1898. Artist: Gustave Demoulin
Victory by Abraham Duquesne over Admiral Michel Adriaanzoon de Ruyter, 1898. Artist: Laplante
Chateau of Rosny, 1898. Artist: Barbant
Illustration from John Miltons Paradise Lost, 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
The Flood, 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
Rêverie (Portrait of Gabrielle Borreau), 1862. Creator: Gustave Courbet
Cliffs on the Sea Coast: Small Beach, Sunrise (Falaise au bord de la mer, vu Petite Plage
Wooded Landscape, 1819 / 77. Creator: Gustave Courbet
The Rock of Hautepierre, c. 1869. Creator: Gustave Courbet
The Brook of Les Puits-Noir, c. 1855. Creator: Gustave Courbet
An Alpine Scene, 1874. Creator: Gustave Courbet
Mère Grégoire, 1855 and 1857 / 59. Creator: Gustave Courbet
The Valley of Les Puits-Noir, 1868. Creator: Gustave Courbet
Pompeii, Pompeys Lane, Tomb Monument of Mamia, ca. 1853
Skiffs, 1877. Creator: Gustave Caillebotte
Tintype Photograph of Gustave Young (1827-1895), American, Springfield, Massachusetts
La Prière (The Prayer), from 'Illustrated London News', March 2, 1867
Casimir le Conte, after Boulanger, 1856. Creator: Charles Meryon
Pauline Viardot Gambling at Baden-Baden, 1862. Creator: Gustave Doré
Portrait de Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte en Prince-President, 1852
Portrait de Pitre-Chevalier, ca. 1853. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
Hotel de Cluny, Paris, ca. 1851. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[An Italian Street Musician], ca. 1856. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
Vue de la Plaine de Thebes prise du temple de Karnac, 1867. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[View from Photographers Studio], 1851-54. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[View of the Seine, Paris], 1857. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
The French and English Fleets, Cherbourg, August 1858. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[Zouaves, Camp de Chalons], 1857. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[Cavalry Maneuvers, Camp de Chalons], 1857. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
La Messe au Camp de Chalons, 1857. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
La Reine Hortense - Yacht de l empereur, Havre, 1856. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
Portail milieu d Aubeterre, 1851. Creator: Gustave Le Gray
[Soldier and Military Camel], 1866. Creator: Gustave Le Gray

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