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Saint Joseph with Infant Christ, 1620s. Artist: Guido Reni
The Virgin seated, resting her head on her right hand and holding the sleeping infa... ca. 1630-80
The Virgin with the Christ Child and the young Saint John the Baptist holding a bir... ca. 1630-80
Christ carrying the cross, at right the two thieves on the road to Calvary, 1778. Creator: John Keyse Sherwin
The doctors of the church consulting books and documents and contemplating the Virgin... ca. 1722
The Christ Child sleeping on a cross in a landscape, after Reni, ca. 1780-1821. ca. 1780-1821
The Virgin holding the infant Christ, after Reni, ca. 1720-70. Creator: Johann Christoph Winkler
The Virgin with the infant Christ and the young Saint John the Baptist, in a circular... 1690-1700
Two putti sleeping in a landscape, after Reni, 1637. 1637. Creator: Anon
The infant Christ asleep on a cross, his head resting on a skull, a crown of thorn... 17th century. Creator: Anon
Head of Christ looking up with crown of thorns, in an oval frame, after Reni, ca. 1
Le Char de l'Aurore (The Chariot of Dawn) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, 1785 / 89
Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist, c. 1639 / 42. Creator: Guido Reni
Massacre of the Innocents; group of women and children being attacked, two angels a
Christ giving the keys of the church to Saint Peter who kneels before him, after Guido
Fortune flying above the globe... ca. 1660-80. Creator: Girolamo Scarsello
Judith grasping the head of Holofernes by the hair and looking to the left, an old wo
The Virgin seated in the clouds with the infant Christ, surrounded by putti... 1764
Saint Job seated at right receiving the gifts of the people... ca. 1760-1800
Female personification of Hope looking up with hands held together and left shoulde
Female personification of Hope... ca. 1835-81. Creator: Giovanni Buonafede
Christ crucified on the cross, a skull at the base, ca. 1770-1803
David standing with crossed legs and holding the head of Goliath on a pedestal at l
The Virgin looking up... ca. 1650-1704. Creator: Guillaume Vallet
The Virgin seated with the infant Christ on her lap... ca. 1650-1704
The Virgin with apostles looking up towards the Holy Dove and two angels, after Reni
Portrait of Beatrice Cenci... 1800-1835. Creator: Giovita Garavaglia
Bacchus with his companions discovering Ariadne on the island of Naxos, after Reni, 165
The Virgin in half length looking down... 1810-30. Creator: Giovita Garavaglia
Entombment, ca. 1595-1600. Creator: Guido Reni
Facade of the Palazzo del Senato in Bologna with the Papal arms at center
Bust of a bearded man, ca. 1600-1640. Creator: Guido Reni
A group of angels embracing in flight, framed by clouds, ca. 1607. ca. 1607
Charity seated nursing an infant, another sleeping on her lap and a third talking to her
Facade of a triumphal monument with three scenes depicting deeds of Pope Clement VIII
Triumphal arch surmounted by a statue of Moses, buildings seen through the arch below
The Virgin seated with the Christ Child on her lap embracing her, Joseph seen thr... ca
The Virgin seated with the infant Christ sleeping in her lap, in an oval frame, aft
The Virgin nursing the infant Christ, ca. 1590-1610. Creator: Guido Reni
The Virgin in prayer, looking up with clouds behind her, in an oval frame, after Reni
The Virgin in prayer looking down, in an oval frame, after Reni, 1640-93
The Virgin holding the infant Christ, an oval composition, ca. 1600-1640
The Virgin holding the infant Christ with the fingers of her right hand hidden, a
The Virgin holding the infant Christ on her lap, an oval composition, after Reni, 1620-50
The Virgin and Child at a table with the young John the Baptist, ca. 1600-1640
Young Saint John the Baptist kneeling before the infant Christ who caresses his f... ca
Triumphal arch surmounted by woman seated on a dolphin, four standing figures below
Triumphal arch covered in foliage with mounted troops below

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