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Gladiator Gallery

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The Roman Gladiatorial Games at the Italian Exhibition, Earls Court, 1888. Creator: Percy Macquoid
With a Turned Thumb, (Pollice Verso), 1872
The Roman Colchester Vase
1902 Gladiator Tonneau. Creator: Unknown
The Gladiator, 19th century. Creator: Domenico Morelli
Les Fêtes de Rennes. La grande Cavalcade Romaine, 1883 / 1890
Two gladiators fighting in front of an arch, 1530-60. Creator: Master of the Die
Battle of the Naked Men, ca. 1470-90. ca. 1470-90. Creator: Antonio del Pollaiuolo
1905 Gladiator. Creator: Unknown
Gladiators Saluting The Emperor Before Joining Combat, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Le Gladiateur, c1717
Terracotta image of a gladiator, wearing a helmet and carrying a rectangular shield
Mosaic from the House of the Gladiators
Relief depicting gladiators
Relief with gladiators
Mosaic from the House of the Galdiators
Terracotta gladiator, Ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic or Roman period, c2nd century BC - 2nd century AD
Roman relief depicting gladiators. Artist: Werner Forman
The obelisk erected by Theodosius I
The reliefs on the base of the obelisk erected by Theodosius I show the emperor at
Elephants in a circus, ca 1637-1640
Scene from the Roman arena
Gladiators, 1882. Artist: Anonymous
Gladiator Fights. Artist: Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582-1647)
Gladiator fights at a Banquet. Artist: Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582-1647)
Roman gladiators. Artist: Romanelli, Giovanni Francesco (1610-1662)
Perspective of a Roman amphitheatre. Artist: Gargiulo, Domenico (1609-1675)
Funeral of a Roman emperor (Cremation ceremony). Artist: Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582-1647)
Gladiators. Artist: Falcone, Aniello (1600 / 7-1665)
Roman Gladiator and his Patron, 1852. Artist: John Leech
Roma - Colosseum - Thumbs down in a gladiatorial fight, 1910
Gladiator, 19th century. Artist: John Frederick Herring I
Gladiator, 19th century, (1903). Artist: John Frederick Herring I
Entertainment in a Roman arena, 1882-1884.Artist: Spex
Gladiatorial combat, 1882-1884
Fighting gladiators, c. 1560. Artist: Bordone, Paris (1500-1571)
Menelik II of Ethiopia, 1898. Artist: F Meaulle
The Motor Show at Olympia, London, 1905
Inside the Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Roman military and gladiatorial costume, c1800-1836. Artist: Firmin Didot
A bas-relief of a fight between Secutor and Retiarius, 3rd century, Rome
Combat between two gladiators, Roman relief from Epheseus, c3rd century
Stone relief ofStone relief of Gladiators fighting a lion, Turkey, c 323BC-31BC
Roman wallpainting from a House at Colchester, England, c2nd-3rd century
Depiction of Roman gladiators
Roman relief of gladiators
Roman relief of gladiators, c.3rd century
Roman clay lamp decorated with gladiators, 3rd century

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