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Giuseppe Garibaldi helping Victor Emmanuel II put on the boot of Italy, 1860
Hagar Sent into the Wildnerness, 1758. Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi
The Royal Villa called il Poggio Imperiale (La Real Villa detta il Poggio Imperiale)
Frontispiece to Le sorti di Francesco Marcolini da Forli intitolato Giardino di
The Judgement of Paris(?), 1740-1802. Creator: Giuseppe Canale
Woman Slain with Sword, 1740-1802. Creator: Giuseppe Canale
Christ appearing to Mary Magdalen(?), 1740-1802. Creator: Giuseppe Canale
Seated woman and Bearded Man in a Landscape, 1740-1802. Creator: Giuseppe Canale
Gods and Goddesses in a Landscape, 1740-1802. Creator: Giuseppe Canale
Saint Roch, kneeling on a stone, seen from the side with his dog behind him and a towns
Delilah holding Samson's hair and a pair of scissors, 1620-30. Creator: Giuseppe Caletti
Chiarini's Circus (Sekai daiichi charine daikyokuba), September 4, 1886
Landscape with shepherds, houses and a tower in the distance, 1760-70
Proscenium for Angelica, Vincitrice di Alcina, 1716. Creator: Franz Ambros Dietel
The Judgment of Paris, 1748-88. Creator: Fabio Berardi
Saint Matthew, standing before a book at right with a hand on his chest, another man be
Title page with a large wall of a classical ruin, with a figure seated at right pointin
A three-arched portico with an open lantern hanging at center, a triumphal arch and rui
Imaginary View of Padua, with a campanile and domed church at left, a column surmounted
Assumption of the Virgin; from Recueil d'estampes d'après les plus beaux tableaux
Allegorical Figure of Fame, ca. 1590. Creator: Giuseppe Cesari
Christ and the Centurion (recto); Figure Waving to Departing Ship (verso). n.d
The Ecstacy of the Blessed Giacinta Marescotti, ca. 1675-1714. Creator: Giuseppe Passeri
Horse and Landscape. Creator: Unknown
Thalia, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Urania, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Terpsichore, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Calliope, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Melpomene, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Clio, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Euterpe, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Polyhymnia, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Erato, 1869. Creator: Giuseppe Fagnani
Saint Margaret of Cortona, ca. 1758. Creator: Gaspare Traversi
Portrait of a Man. Creator: Gaspare Traversi
The Departure of Saints Paula and Eustochium for the Holy Land. Creator: Giuseppe Bottani
A Cat Stealing Fish, late 1660s. Creator: Giuseppe Recco
Bathsheba at Her Bath, ca. 1700. Creator: Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari
Teasing a Sleeping Girl, ca. 1760. Creator: Gaspare Traversi
General Garibaldis Residence at Caprera, 1865. Creator: Frederick Richard Lee
Model of ruins of Pompeii, National Museum, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: Unknown
Mike Hawthorn, Giuseppe Farina, Guy Sale, Sir James Scott Douglas 1953 Spa 24 hr race
Design for a ceiling in a living-room, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Design for a ceiling in a theatre, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Academie Nationale. - Mlle. L. Grandjean. - Role de Desdemone. - Othello, 1904
Theatre De La Porte-Saint-Martin - Falstaff - Falstaff. - M. Clerget, 1904. Creator: Unknown
Academie Nationale. - Othello - Othello - M. Alvarez, 1904. Creator: Unknown
Academie Nationale. - Othello - Iago - M. Delmas, 1904. Creator: Unknown

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