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Le Traitéde Paix avec Rome (The Peace Treaty with Rome), ca. 1789. Creator: Unknown
Study of the Duke of York, 1923. Artist: John Singer Sargent
Study of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923. Artist: John Singer Sargent
The Char-a-banc presented to Her Majesty by the King of the French, 1844
O Star of Wonder, Star of Night, c1900-1950
Rebecca and Eliezer, ca. 1730. Creator: Louis Fabritius Dubourg
Atalanta and Meleager, ca. 1640-70. Creator: Joannes Meyssens
Screen and Miscellaneous New Year Presents, 19th century. Creator: Ishikawa Kazan
Meeting opens with taking the collection, Salvation Army, San Francisco, California, 1939. Creator: Dorothea Lange
Exchange of Gifts (Yuino), the second sheet of the series 'Marriage in Brocade Prints... c. 1769
Votive (Gift) in the Shape of a Womans Head, about 500 BCE. Creator: Unknown
A Novel Treat to Coastguards Children;Dismantling a Christmas 'Ship'of her toys, 1890. Creator: Fred Palmer
Childrens New Years Party given by the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Distributing the Queens New Year Gifts at Windsor; The crowd outside the Riding School... 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Womens Jubilee offering to the Queen, Pearl and Diamond Necklace and Earrings, 1888. Creator: Unknown
Present Trouble, 1964. Artist: Michael Walters
Medea Bearing Gifts to Creon, tapestry, Flanders, Brussels, early 16th century
Les Bouquets, Ou La Fete De La Grand Maman, 1788, (1913). Artist: Philibert Louis Debucourt
Suma, from the series 'A Fashionable Parody of the Tale of Genji', c1789 / 94
Parody of the Yugao Chapter of the Tale of Genji, c. 1795 / 97. Creator: Chokosai Eisho
An Autumn Gift, Japan, n.d. Creator: Hokusai
An Imperial Carriage, Japan, c. 1801 / 04. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Act IV, from Treasury of the Loyal Retainers, Japan, c. 1801 / 02
At the Ferry Boat Landing, Japan, c. 1804. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Lady Seated by a Tokonoma Alcove, 1829. Creator: Totoya Hokkei
Yokihime, from the series 'Pictures of No Performances (Nogaku Zue)', 1898
Act 3 (Sandanme), from the series 'The Revenge of the Loyal Retainers (Chushingura)
A princess traveling with her attendants descends from a palanquin, c. 1801 / 04
Act 1 (Daijo), from the series 'The Revenge of the Loyal Retainers (Chushingura)
A Woman Holding a Letter Box, from the series 'A Set of Seven for the Katsushika
Gift of Friendship (valentine), n.d. Creator: George Kershaw
For the Third Time of Asking, 1870 / 91. Creator: Charles Samuel Keene
Al-Mu tazz Sends Gifts to Abdulla ibn Abdulla, from a copy of the Tarikh-i Alfi, 1592 / 94
Le Romance du Cortés (The Song of Cortez) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, 1815
Whistle and Bells with Coral, c. 1722. Creator: Thomas Edwards
Feathered Gift Basket, 1880 / 90. Creator: Unknown
Figured Gift Basket, c. 1890. Creator: Unknown
Vessel Depicting K awiil (God K) and Itzamna Exchanging Gifts, A.D. 700 / 800
Mug, c. 1820. Creator: Unknown
Kosode Made into a Tobari or Fukusa Composed of Six Panels, Japan, mid-Edo period
Fukusa (Gift Cover), Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912), 1875 / 1900. Creator: Unknown
The Adoration of the Magi, 1515 / 25. Creator: Workshop of Cornelis Engebrechtsz
Adoration of the Magi, c. 1519. Creator: Jan van Scorel
King David Receiving the Cistern Water of Bethlehem, 1515 / 20
King Solomon Receiving the Queen of Sheba, 1515 / 20. Creator
Fukusa (Gift Cover), Japan, Appliqued fabric: Edo period (1615-1868), late 18th century
Fukusa (Gift Cover), Japan, late Edo (1789-1868) / early Meiji period (1868-1912), 1800 / 83
Fukusa (Gift Cover), Japan, Edo period (1615-1868), late 18th century. Creator: Unknown

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