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Future Gallery

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The Angel Standing in the Sun, 1846. Artist: JMW Turner
The New Jerusalem, c1900
The March of intellect, 1829. Artist: Heath, William (1795-1840)
An Aerial Cricket Match of the Future, c1918 (1919). Artist: W Heath Robinson
An old man reclining on the ground at right; at left a naked younger man standing p... ca. 1510-27
Wheel Of Fortune. Tarot card
Boys overlooking the project, Frederick Douglass housing project, Anacostia, D.C. 1942. Creator: Gordon Parks
La Roue de Fortune (Wheel of Fortune), Tarot card, Early 18th cen
Tommorrow!, 1894. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Triompho di Fortuna, January 1526. Creator: Unknown
La gravida, 1505-1506. Creator: Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino) (1483-1520)
The Open Door, 1922. Creator: Henry John Stock
Het Jaar 1804!!!, 1794
First Caresses
Mother with Child
King of Cups. Tarot card
At school. From the series Visions of the Year 2000, 1899. Artist: Cote, Jean-Marc (active End of 19th cen.)
Flying Fireman. From the series Visions of the Year 2000, 1899. Artist: Cote, Jean-Marc (active End of 19th cen.)
Hamburg in the Year 2000. Poster for the Ernst Drucker Theatre, 1896. Artist: Friedlander, Adolph (1851-1904)
Young Man at the Crossroads, 1856. Artist: Beaumont, Charles-Edouard de (1812-1888)
Fortune-telling. Artist: Romero de Torres, Julio (1874-1930)
The Ship That Sailed to Mars. Artist: Timlin (1892-1943)
Illustration for Le vingtieme siecle: La vie electrique. Artist: Robida, Albert (1848-1926)
Carte des voyages tres extraordinaires de Saturnin Farandoul. Artist: Robida, Albert (1848-1926)
The exit of the opera in the year 2000 (Le Sortie de l opera en l an 2000). Artist: Robida, Albert (1848-1926)
Self-Portrait on the sixth wedding anniversary, 1906
The Aeroplane of the Future, 1927
A City of the Future, 1927
Your Fortune - Fortells a letter which contains a proposal, you will accept & good fortune will fol
Romulus consulting the Augury, 1852. Artist: John Leech
The youth of Louis XIV, c1920s
The Fortune Teller, 1892
Holy Family with Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, 1515-1530. Artist: Lodovico Mazzolini
Anastasis, fresco in the parekklesion of Church of Christ in Chora, c1310-c1320
Babylonian clay model of a sheeps lung
Chiromancy: Lines of the closed hand from Andre Corvo L Art de Chyromance Lyons c1545
Chiromancy, 1617-1619
Chiromancy: Country girl having her hand read by a fortune teller who sees misfortunes ahead
Astrologers preparing a horoscope, 1617-1619
Environmental pollution, 1895
An idea of the world as it would be in 1953, 1883
Madonna and Child, late 15th / early 16th century. Artist: Bramantino
Bernard Abattia, 16th century French astrologer, 1572
Vision of an intellectual family in the 1950s, 1883
Cray-2 supercomputer
Prediction of Nostradamus from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836
The Spanish Fly from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836
Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida, 1943. Creator: Gordon Parks
New Inventions of Modern Times [Nova Reperta], The Discovery of America, plate 1, ca
Reign of Amadeo of Savoy, cartoon of the carnival with politicians, the Kaiser, Napoleon III
The Madonna and Child with the Infant Baptist (The Garvagh Madonna), ca 1509-1510. Artist: Raphael (1483-1520)
Vintage French postcard, c1900

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