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Funeral Gallery

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Landscape—Scene from Thanatopsis, 1850. Creator: Asher Brown Durand
Peace, Burial at Sea, c1842. Artist: JMW Turner
The Burial of Count Orgaz (detail), 1586-1588. Artist: El Greco
Lincolns funeral on Pennsylvania Ave. 1865 April 19. Creator: Unknown
Catafalque, 18th century. Creator: Jeremias Gottlob Rugendas
Catafalque for Prince Gottfried Maria Ignaz, frontispiece to Lacrymae Conjugales et Paren... 1677. Creator: Anon
The Repeal, or the Funeral of Miss Ame - Stamp, March 16, 1766. March 16, 1766. Creator: Anon
The Repeal, or the Funeral of Miss Ame-Stamp, 1766. 1766. Creator: Anon
Hydria (Water Jar), 360-350 BCE. Creator: Iliupersis Painter
The Funeral of Lord Napier of Magdala; The Ceremony in St. Pauls Cathedral, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Funeral of Lord Napier of Magdala; The body being removed from the Tower, escorted... 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Late Robert Browning-The funeral ceremony in Westminster Abbey, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Funeral of the late James Selby, the celebrated 'Whip';the coaches at Reigate Cemetery
Hindoo Funeral Rites in Calcutta, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Napoleons funeral carriage, 1840, (1921). Creator: Unknown
Sailors pulling the gun carriage carrying the coffin of Queen Victoria, Windsor, Berkshire, 1901
The Duke of Gloucester Lying in Wait for Lady Anne at the Funeral Procession of Her
The Funeral of the Party, published October 30, 1798. Creator: Charles Williams
Sketch for Dido on the Funeral Pyre (recto); Erotic Sketch of Man and Woman (verso), c
Rochefort is dying! Rochefort is dead!, June 1898. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Reading the Will, c1780-1825. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
Double Vessel Representing a Funeral Procession, A.D. 1200 / 1450. Creator: Unknown
Elaine, 1874. Creator: Toby E Rosenthal
The Assassination and Funeral of Julius Caesar, 1455 / 60
Stela (Commemorative Stone) Depicting the Funeral of Ramose, Egypt, New Kingdom
Bier, c. 1936. Creator: Randolph F Miller
The suicide of Dido who reclines on a pyre in centre, surrounded by many figures, 1650-55
Papal conclave following the death of Pope Alessandro VII... 1667
Catafulque for Fernando I, Duke of Tuscany, 1609. Creator: Unknown
Catafalque for Duke Alessandro Farnese, 1593. Creators: Giovanni Maggi, Giuseppe Cesari
Catafalque for Pope Clement X: a central structure raised on a 15 stepped platform
Design of the catafalque for Francesco Piccolomini, 1607. Creator: Giovanni Florimi
Catafalque for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, 1589. Creator: Girolamo Rainaldi
Catafalque, 1626-80. Creator: Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi
Catafalque for Pope Sixtus V, 1591. Creator: Giovanni Maggi
A magician, a soldier and three figures watching a burning skull from the Scherzi d
Dido on the Funeral Pyre, 1650-1700. Creator: Giuseppe Diamantini
Catafalque for Ferdinand, from an unidentified book, ca. 1660-95
Funeral Parlor, 1895-1920, c. 1947. Creator: Perkins Harnly
Garage of Funeral Parlor, 1917, 1935 / 1942. Creator: Perkins Harnly
Five numbered scenes, each after a painter in the Accademia Degl Incamminati
The Burial of the Virgin, in or after 1630. Creator: Jacques Callot
Design for a Catafalque. Creator: Unknown
Childs Funeral in Russia, 1906 / 1907. Creator: Ernst Barlach
The Burial (Begräbnis), 1916. Creator: Walter Gramatté
The Catafalque, 1612. Creator: Jacques Callot
Le Petit Enterrement (The Burial - Small Plate), 1878. Creator: Felix Hilaire Buhot
Convoi Funèbre au Boulevard de Clichy (Funeral Procession on the Boulevard de Clichy

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