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Diana the Huntress, fresco from the house Stabia at Pompeii
Dante and the Divine Comedy (The Comedy Illuminating Florence), 1464-1465. Artist: Domenico di Michelino
The Blue Bird fresco from Knossos, 17th-14th century BC
The Transfiguration of Jesus. Artist: Angelico, Fra Giovanni, da Fiesole (ca. 1400-1455)
The Effects of Good Government in the Countryside, (detail), 1338-1340. Artist: Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter, 1481. Artist: Perugino (ca. 1450-1523)
Saint Dimitry, Metropolitan of Rostov, 1885-1896. Artist: Vasnetsov, Viktor Mikhaylovich (1848-1926)
Madonna and Child between St Francis and St John the Evangelist, c1320s. Artist: Pietro Lorenzetti
Fresco in the crypt of the Cathedral, Anagni, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Wall in the Tomb of the Augurs (Tomba degli Auguri) at Tarquinia, Italy, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Queen Nefertari Playing Senet. The tomb of Nefertari, the Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II
The Saffron-Gatherer Fresco from Minoan Royal Palace, Knossos, Crete. c15th century BC
Saint George and the Dragon, 12th century. Artist: Ancient Russian frescos
The Battle of Marciano in Val di Chiana, 1570-1571. Artist: Vasari, Giorgio (1511-1574)
St Peter ordaining St Stephen Deacon, mid 15th century. Artist: Fra Angelico
Painting: Still Life: fruit and vase
Joan of Arc in armour before Orleans, 1886-1890. Artist: Lenepveu, Jules Eugene (1819-1898)
Blessed Notker of Saint Gall, 19th century. Artist: Anonymous
Madonna del Parto, ca 1460. Artist: Piero della Francesca (ca 1415-1492)
Effects of Good Government in the city (Cycle of frescoes The Allegory of the Good and Bad Government), 1338-1339
Minoan fresco showing a boy with fishes, 20th century
The Inferno according to Dante, after the Last Judgment fresco in the Campo Santo, ... ca. 1460-80. Creator: Anon
Mural painting in the Leopards Tomb (Tomba dei Leopardi) at Tarquinia, Italy, (1928)
Mural painting in the Tomb with the Banquet (Tomba del Triclinio), Tarquinia, Italy, (1928)
Ceiling in Chamber II of the Coemeterium Maius on the Via Nomentana, Rome, Italy, (1928)
The Diver. Tomb of the Diver (Tomba del Tuffatore), ca 470 BC. Creator: Classical Antiquities
Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (La disputa del sacramento), 1509-1510. Creator
A fresco from the villa of Agrippa Postumus at Boscotrecase, Pompeii
The Death of Nelson, 1859-64, (1938). Artist: Daniel Maclise
Erotic mural, Pompeii, Italy
Wall painting from Room F of the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, ca. 50-40 B
Wall painting in Lochstedt Castle, Pillau, Germany, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Mural painting in the Tomb of Typhon (Tomba del Tifone) at Tarquinia, Italy, (1928]
Mural painting in the Tomb of the Baron (Tomba del Barone) at Tarquinia, Italy, (1928)
Decoration in the Borgia Apartments, Apostolic Palace, the Vatican, Rome, Italy, (1928)
Mural frieze in the Tomb of the Lionesses (Tomba delle Leonesse), Tarquinia, Italy, (1928)
The Transfiguration of Jesus, 13th century. Artist: Anonymous
The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne
Saint Olga, Princess of Kiev, 1885-1896. Artist: Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich (1862-1942)
St Francis Preaching to the Birds, 1297-1299, (c1900-1920)
Remains of the house of the banker Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, Pompeii, (1902)
Jupiter and Olympia, 1526-1534. Artist: Giulio Romano (1499-1546)
Roman wall painting of Aldobrandini Wedding from villa of the Esquiline, c1st century BC
Fragment of a Minoan fresco known as the Captain of the Blacks, 15th century BC
Design for Ceiling Fresco: Apollo and the Muses with Minerva Destroying Ignorance, n.d
Mural Fragment Representing a Ritual of World Renewal, A.D. 500 / 600. Creator: Unknown
The Baptism of Christ, ca 950. Creator: Anonymous
Bernard the Pilgrim and his followers, blessed by Saint Michael the Archangel, ca 950

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