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Fortune Teller Gallery

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The Fortune Teller and the Lady. Creator: Andries Stock
The Actors Ichimura Kamezo I as Sengokuya Ihei and Sanogawa Ichimatsu I as his wife Omatsu... 1755
The Fortune Teller, 1869
The Actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as Umegae Disguised as the Female Fortune-teller Omatsu... c
La Bonne Aventure (The Fortune Teller), Unknown date. Creator: Unknown
Fortune-telling; a group of women on a terrace at night, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
The Fortune Teller on Casting the Coffee Grounds, from an Original Design at Vaux-hall
Frontispiece to Le sorti di Francesco Marcolini da Forli intitolato Giardino di
A Couple in an Interior with a Gypsy Fortune-Teller, ca. 1632-33. Creator: Jacob Duck
The Fortune-Teller, probably 1630s. Creator: Georges de la Tour
Tarquinius and the Sibyl, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Roman Augurs, 1890. Creator: Unknown
A Soldier seated, mid 18th century, (1928). Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Fortune Telling Scene (Sleeper Awakened by a Young Woman), 1620s
Fortune-telling. Artist: Romero de Torres, Julio (1874-1930)
The Fortune Teller. Artist: Caravaggio, Michelangelo (1571-1610)
Fortune-teller, 1895. Artist: Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1856-1910)
Fortune Telling, 1842. Artist: Venetsianov, Alexei Gavrilovich (1780-1847)
Christmas Eve fortune telling, 1870s. Artist: Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887)
Fortune-telling, 1867. Artist: Siemiradzki, Henryk (1843-1902)
Fortune-telling, 1884. Artist: Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich (1839-1915)
While Yukis fortune was being told I photographed her, c1900, (1921). Artist: Julian Leonard Street
La Tete De Flore (Madame Deshayes), 1769, (1913). Artist: Louis Marin Bonnet
Fortune teller and seer, Inari temple, Kyoto, Japan, 1904
The Gipsy, c1850. Artist: Albert Henry Payne
Your Fortune - Fortells a letter which contains a proposal, you will accept & good fortune will fol
The Fortune-Teller, 1903, (1903). Artist: Philip William May
The Fortune Teller, 1911
A Fortune in a Teacup, 1901
Fortune teller, Inari Temple, Kyoto, Japan, 1904. Artist: Underwood & Underwood
The Credulous Lady and Astrologer, 1786. Artists: John Raphael Smith, Peter Simon
Crossing Her Palm
A Tibetan fortune teller, 1898
The youth of Louis XIV, c1920s
Tom and Jerry, catching Kate and Sue on the fly, having their fortunes told, 19th century
The Fortune Teller, (1885).Artist: Freudeberg
The Necromancer, ca 1775. Artist: Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste (1734-1781)
Landscape with a Scene of Enchantment, ca 1590. Artist: Fiammingo, Paolo (c. 1540-1596)
Good Luck, 1595. Artist: Caravaggio, Michelangelo (1571-1610)
Merry Company with Fortune Teller, 1631. Artist: Valentin de Boullogne (1591-1632)
The Fortune Teller, 1892
Austrian Fortune-Telling Cards
Roman relief of a haruspex, 3rd century
Greek terracotta of a haruspex inspecting pigs entrails
Babylonian clay model of a sheeps lung
Chiromancy: Lines of the closed hand from Andre Corvo L Art de Chyromance Lyons c1545
Chiromancy: Country girl having her hand read by a fortune teller who sees misfortunes ahead
Cassandra, legendary Trojan prophetess, 16th century
Jerry having his hand read by a gypsy, c1828. Artist: Isaac Robert Cruikshank
A visit to a fortune teller, early 19th century. Artist: Isaac Robert Cruikshank
The Spanish Fly from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836
Portrait of la Voisin, .n.d. Creator: Antoine Coypel
Blackpool, 2009. Creator: Ethel Davies

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