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Firing Gallery

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The Siege of Silistria, (1854), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Gen. W.H.L. Wallace s, 2nd Div. Army of the Tenn. 1887. Creator: Henry Hamilton Bennett
Gen. Grant giving order to Gen. McPherson, 1887. Creator: Henry Hamilton Bennett
Dutch Warships (Naves BellicæHollandicæ), 1647. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
Thus Did A Hundred Men Keep Three Thousand Savages At Bay, c1908, (c1920). Artist: Joseph Ratcliffe Skelton
Macedonia revolt, 1903
The Gloucestershire Regiment. Back-to-Back at Alexandria, 1801, (1939)
The Archer and the Milkmaid, ca. 1610 Creator: Andries Stock
Plate 37: Triumphal ship with fireworks display to the right; from Guillielmus Becanus s... 1636
Chrysogone Conceives, in a Ray of Sunshine, Amoretta and Belphoebe (Edmund Spenser, '... 1800-1810)
Sleeping Woman with a Cupid (Hush), 1780-90. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Apollo and Diana, ca. 1503-5. Creator: Jacopo de Barbari
The Fight at Brakenlaagte: Boers Charging, 1902. Creator: John Charlton
Miss Wheeler defending herself against the Sepoys at Cawnpore, 1857, (c1860)
Long Live the Great Japanese Empire! A Great Victory for Our Troops in the Assault on Song... 1894
The Black Mountain Expedition, Western Himalayas; Ghazi Fanatics Charging the 18th Royal Irish at Creator: Unknown
Mountaineers of the North-West Firing on the British, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Fletchers Defence of the Redoubt at Tanjore, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Men of the new regiment of Mounted Infantry at drill at Aldershot, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The Naval Mobilisation, In the thick of it, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The Crimean War: The Bombardment of Odessa by the British Fleet, April 21, 1854, (1901)
The Insurrection under Arabi Pasha, 1882: The Bluejackets clearing the streets
The Rebellion of Arabi Pasha in Egypt, 1882: The Bombardment of Alexandria... (1901)
Franz Miller firing starter pistol, 1928. Creator: Unknown
Kabayama, the Chief of Naval Staff, Attacking Enemy Ships from onboard Saikyomaru
Lieutenant Commander Sakakibara Fighting Bravely to the South of Ximucheng... 1895
Fierce Fighting at Anseong Crossing in Korea (Chosen Anjo watashi no gekisen no zu), 1894
Great Victory of Our Forces at the Battle of Pyongyang
The Occupation of the Battery at Port Arthur (Ryojunko hodai nottori no zu), 1895
Kichik Beg Wounded during Baburs Attack on Qalat, from a copy of the Baburnama... c
Coming Through the Rye (Over the Range), Modeled 1902, cast in bronze 1902 / 6
Friar Pedro Shoots El Maragato as His Horse Runs Off, c. 1806. Creator: Francisco Goya
Skirmish between a Prussian Reconnaissance unit and...Faidherbes Army
Papal conclave following the death of Pope Alessandro VII... 1667
Firing the Cannon, 1634 / 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
Heemskercks Victory Over the Spanish Fleet at Gibraltar, 1634. Creator: Willem Basse
Ships Fighting. Creator: N. Artsay
Taking the Firing Position with the Musket, 1634 / 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
Firing the Musket, 1634 / 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
1860-1870, published 1870. Creator: Winslow Homer
Preparing to Fire the Cannon, 1634 / 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Cavalry Combat with Pistols, c. 1632 / 1634. Creator: Jacques Callot
Shipping Scene from the Collection of Thomas Walker, 1720s. Creator: Elisha Kirkall
Shipping Scene from the Collection of Alexander Nisbit, 1720s. Creator: Elisha Kirkall
Firing the Cannons, c. 1641. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Two Galleys and their Launches, in or before 1647. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Shipping Scene with Man-of-War, 1720s. Creator: Elisha Kirkall
Mount Vernon, ca. 1850. Creator: Frances Mary Bellows

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