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Firearms Gallery

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A soldier charging his musket, from the Musketeers series, plate 24, in Waffenha... published 1608
A soldier taking aim, from the Marksmen series, plate 11, in Waffenhandlung von... published 1608
A soldier pouring powder into the pan, from the Marksmen series, plate 16, in Wa... published 1608
A soldier holding his caliver, from the Marksmen series, plate 1, in Waffenhandl... published 1608
A soldier holding up his caliver in his right hand and extending his left to rec... published 1608
A soldier ramming home powder and bullet with the ramrod, from the Marksmen seri... published 1608
A soldier charging his caliver which is held stock down, from the Marksmen serie... published 1608
Wheellock Rifle, Nuremberg, 1600. Creator: Rudolf Danner
Flintlock Fowling Gun, Germany, c. 1770. Creator: Karl Starek
Wheellock Gun of Tschinke Form, Teschen, 1650. Creator: Unknown
Pair of Flintlock Pistols, Italy, c. 1690 / 1700. Creators: Lazarino Cominazzo, Gio Borgogn
Combined Walking-Cane, Gun, Pistol, Sword, and Dagger, India subcontinent
Triple-Barrel Breechloading Flintlock Pistol, England, c. 1820. Creator: Unknown
Model of a Bronze Field Cannon, Central Europe, 1775 / 1800. Creator: Unknown
Model Artillery with Field Carriage, France, 1580 / 1600. Creator
Combination Hunting Dagger and Double-Barrel Percussion Pistol... of Emperor Maximilian
Thirteen-Barrel Organ Gun with Stand, Europe, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Naval Gun with Carriage, Europe, 1673. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Puffer (Pistol) for the Mounted Bodyguard of the Elector of Saxony
Pair of Wheellock Pistols, Dresden, 1577. Creator: A. Drechsler
Flintlock Magazine Pistol (Lorenzoni System), Germany, About 1690
Percussion Fowling Piece, France, 1810 / 20. Creator: Berthon-Perrin
Flintlock Fowling Gun with Miquelet Lock, Madrid, 1750. Creator: Augustin Hortiz
Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols, Austria, c. 1720. Creator: Unknown
Matchlock Musket for Target Shooting for the Court of Christian II, Elector of Saxony
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Teschen, 1630. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Pistol (Puffer) with the Coat of Arms of Johann Georg, Duke of Saxony
Wheellock Hunting Rifle, Teschen, 1660. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Rifle of Emperor Leopold I, Gmünd, 1664. Creator: Johann Georg Maucher
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Silesia, 1650 / 60. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Teschen, 1640 / 60. Creator: Unknown
Baltic Snaplock Rifle, Poland, 1610 / 50. Creator: Unknown
Miguelet Gunlock, Europe, 1740 / 1760. Creator: Unknown
Pair of Miquelet Pistols, Ripoll, 1760 / 80. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Pistol, Germany, c. 1570 / 88. Creator: Unknown
Flintlock Belt Pistol, Scotland, 1775. Creator: Leigh Thomas Murdoch
Wheellock Rifle, Germany, first half of 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Pistol (Pedrenyal) of King Louis XIII of France, Ripoll, c. 1615
Pair of Flintlock Pistols, Scotland, 1750 / 75. Creator: Unknown
Flintlock Fowling Piece Given by the Empress Catherine II of Russia to the French
Snaphance Pistol, Dundee, 1614 with restored lock. Creator: Unknown
Breech-Loading Swivel Gun with Chamber on Stand, Western Europe, early 16th century
Double-Barreled Flintlock Blunderbuss, Russia, 1800. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Rifle, Vienna, c. 1725. Creator: Johann Casper Rudolph
Double-Barrel Revolving Flintlock Pocket Pistol, France, c. 1650 / 60. Creator: Henri Suber
Pair of Flintlock Holster Pistols, Italy, c. 1660 / 70. Creator: Lazzarino Cominazzo
Snaphance Belt Pistol, Italy, dated 1775, in style of c. 1700
Double-Barreled Flintlock Fowling Piece, England, c. 1820. Creator: Joseph Manton

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