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Fidelity Gallery

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Venus of Urbino, 1538. Artist: Titian
The Souvenir (Fidelity), c1787-1789, (1912).Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Fidelity (Shin), from the series Five Cardinal Virtues, Edo period (1615-1868), 1767
Fidelity (Shin), from the series 'A Fashionable Parody of the Five Virtues (Furyu
Portrait of a Man in a Chaperon. Creator: Netherlandish Painter (1440-50)
The Theological Virtues: Faith, Charity, Hope. Creator: Italian (Umbrian) Painter (ca
Tsuru, from Momoyo-gusa (The World of Things) Vol II, pub
The Suicide of Lucretia, ca 1518
Lucretia, 1525-1550
Lucretia, 1530
Lucretia, ca 1501-1502
Tarquinius and Lucretia, 16th century
Lucretia, ca 1530
Lucretia, 1630-1640
Lucretia, um 1700
Lucretia, 1540
Lucretia, 1528. Artist: Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (1472-1553)
Tarquinius and Lucretia, 18th century. Artist: Procaccini, Andrea (1671-1734)
Lucretia. Artist: Reni, Guido (1575-1642)
Lucretia, 1533
Lucretia, 1666. Artist: Rembrandt van Rhijn (1606-1669)
The Order of the Lion D Or, c19th century
Provoking Fidelity L education de petit chien, 1775. Artist: Louis Marin Bonnet
Fidelity, 1795. Artist: Daniel Gardner
Fidelia and Speranza, 1784. Artist: Benjamin West
Lucretia, ca 1515
Lucretia, 1541
Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia, ca 1530. Artist: Lotto, Lorenzo (1480-1556)
Tarquinius and Lucretia. Artist: Giordano, Luca (1632-1705)
The Story of Lucretia, 1500. Artist: Botticelli, Sandro (1445-1510)
The Tribal Chiefs Swearing Fidelity to the Sultan of Morocco, 1892. Artist: Henri Meyer
Altarpiece of the Parliament of Paris, c1452
Lucretia, ca 1583. Artist: Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588)
Tarquinius and Lucretia, 1516-1517. Artist: Titian (1488-1576)
Penelope and her loom, 1886
It is the east and Juliet is the sun, 1856-1858

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