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Fauns Gallery

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Two Fauns Carrying a Child, ca. 1513-15. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi
Plate 7 from Pietro Paulo Bissari, Antiopa, 1662. Creator: Mathäus Küsel
Wall painting and ceiling decoration, Germany, early 19th century, (1898). Creator: Unknown
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, 1535 / 40. Creator: Unknown
Hanging (Depicting the Story of Esther and King Ahasuerus) (Needlework), France
Pomona Surprised by Vertumnus and Other Suitors, from The Story of Vertumnus
A Witches Sabbath, c. 1650. Creator: Cornelis Saftleven
Bacchanal, ca. 1557. Creator: Giulio Sanuto
Satyr Family (Pan and his Family), from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Satyr Family with the Obelisk, from the Scherzi, ca. 1743-50
Bacchanal with a Dancing Couple in the Center. Creator: Willem Basse
Bacchanal with a Dancing Couple on the Right. Creator: Willem Basse
The Seconda Macchina for the Chinea of 1771: A Pleasure Palace Dedicated to Bacchus, 1771
Satyr Carrying a Nymph, 1769 / 1771. Creator: Salomon Gessner
Two Satyrs in a Forest, 1777. Creator: Salomon Gessner
Satyr Carrying a Nymph on His Back, 1769 / 71. Creator: Salomon Gessner
Satyrs and Faun. Creator: Stefano della Bella
Allegory of Chastity, c. 1505. Creator: Lorenzo Lotto
The Judgment of Midas, c. 1640. Creator: Jan van den Hoecke
Bacchanal with a Wine Vat, ca. 1470-90. Creator: Andrea Mantegna
Two satyrs and a faun seated to right watching two child satyrs and another satyr w
Apelles Painting Alexander and Campaspe. Creator: Master IQV
Ornamental Design with a Mask and an Eagle between Two Fauns below, 1549
Desseins de Brasiers dont les Ornements peuuent Seruir aux Cuuettes, Tables, et autre
Diana returning from the chase, accompanied by dogs and her nymphs at left, two satyrs
Lament of the Art of Painting (Upper Half), 1579. Creator: Cornelis Cort
Livre de Moresques, title page (recto), 1546. Creator: Cornelis Bos
Woman seated with arms outstretched, personification of Fame with trumpet at right
Silenus Carried, 1543. Creator: Antonio Fantuzzi
Vase, 1540-45. Creator: Unknown
The Feast of Venus, with groups of satyrs, nymphs, and putti dancing around a statue of
The Triumph of Silenus, 1775-78. 1775-78. Creator: Nicolas de Launay
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Portico of the Temple of Julius, 16th century

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