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The Fight Between Carnival and Lent. Artist: Bruegel (Brueghel), Pieter, the Elder (ca 1525-1569)
Russian Ice Mountain on the Admiralty Square in St. Petersburg, 1850s
Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Ice Mountains, ca 1814. Artist: Anonymous
Mardi gras in Paris, 1900
Swing Ride at a Russian Fair, 1821
The Elephant, 1774
Pierrot, 1922
Pierrot, 1922
Le bal de l Opera (Ball at the Opera), 1866
Russian village in winter, 1915
Russian village in winter
Casino (Il ridotto) in Venice, ca 1757
The Charlatan, ca 1757
Fools Head, c. 1560
Piazza San Marco, 1753
Carnival Parade in Piazza San Marco in Honour of the Conti Del Nord
Masked Ball
Masked Ball
Boulevard Montmartre: Mardi Gras, 1897
Masked Ball at the Opera, 1886. Artist: Gervex, Henri (1852-1929)
Russian Ice Mountain, 1817. Artist: Houbigant, Armand-Gustave (1789-1862)
Leaving the Masqued Ball. Artist: Madrazo y Garreta, Raimundo de (1841-1920)
Leaving the Masqued Ball. Artist: Garcia y Ramos, Jose (1852-1912)
Shrovetide. Artist: Vereshchagin, Pyotr Petrovich (1836-1886)
Arriving at the Theatre on a Night of a Masked Ball. Artist: Lucas Villaamil, Eugenio (1858-1919)
Casino (Il ridotto) in Venice. Artist: Guardi, Francesco (1712-1793)
Casino (Il ridotto), Second Half of the 18th cen.. Artist: Longhi, Pietro, (Circle of)
Storm of Snow Fortress, 1891. Artist: Surikov, Vasili Ivanovich (1848-1916)
Harlequins, 1913. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
Boy. Study for the Shrovetide Fete on Admiralty Square in St Petersburg, c. 1869
Show-booths, 1917. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
Shrovetide, 1916. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
The hour of the masked ball
Russian Winter. Artist: Korovin, Konstantin Alexeyevich (1861-1939)
Carnival, End 1930s. Artist: Yevgrafov, Nikolai Ivanovich (1903-1941)
La Vachalcade. Artist: Pelez, Fernand (1848-1913)
Rendezvous, c. 1918. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
Masquerade, 1913-1914. Artist: Grigoriev, Boris Dmitryevich (1886-1939)
Jean-Gaspard Deburau as Pierrot, 1845. Artist: Bouquet, Auguste (1810-1846)
Childrens Masquerade, 1912. Artist: Grigoriev, Boris Dmitryevich (1886-1939)
Shrove-tide Fete on the Neva in St. Petersburg, Early 19th cen.. Artist: Galaktionov, Stepan Philippovich (1779-1854)
Mi-Careme au Carnaval de Paris, 1909
Shrovetide. Artist: Sverchkov, Nikolai Yegorovich (1817-1898)
Merchants wife wuth Nurse during Fasching, 1833. Artist: Anonymous
Carnival in Rome (Detail), c. 1650. Artist: Lingelbach, Johannes (1622-1674)
Pierrot Content, ca 1712. Artist: Watteau, Jean Antoine (1684-1721)
The Combat between Carnival and Lent, c. 1560. Artist: Brueghel, Pieter, the Younger (1564-1638)
Lions House or the Venice Carnival, 1762

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