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The Return of the Prodigal Son, c1668. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Whatever I do, I do not Repent, I Keep Pissing against the Moon, c1558-1560. Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
A landscape with wood; Diana offers a hare to a nymph; Silenus and Ceres in foreground, c1614. Artist: Abraham Govaerts
The Meeting, 1884. Artist: Maria Konstantinowka Bashkirtseff
Le Carreau des Halles, Paris, 1880. Artist: Gilbert Victor Gabriel
Female Nude, 17th century. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Woman Seated near a Vase, ca. 1514-36. Creator: Agostino Veneziano
A Celebration for the Birth of the French Heir apparent, 1781 (1783). Artist: Philibert Louis Debucourt
Transport of Prostitutes to the Salpetriere, c1760-1770. Artist: Etienne Jeaurat
Study for Une Baignade, 1883. Artist: Georges-Pierre Seurat
The Death of Napoleon the Great, 5 May 1821, 1825
Sketch for a ceiling mural for the Elysee-Palace (not carried out), late 19th / early 20th century
The Abduction of Rebecca, 1858. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
The 14th of July 1880, late19th / early 20th century. Artist: Alfred Roll
Ouvriers du Batiment ('Construction Workers'), c1911. Artist: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Les Bayaderes, 1838
The Assumption of the Virgin, c1475-1476. Artist: Francesco Botticini
The Adoration of the Kings, c1470. Artist: Filippino Lippi
Prise de la Porte St Denis le 28th Juillet 1830, Revolution of 1830, Paris
Popular festivities, mid 19th century
The Carmelite Nuns in the Warming Hall, mid 18th century. Artist: Charles Guillot
Spanish dancers, mid 19th century
Paris, 1900. Artist: Jean Francois Raffaelli
Napoleons Column, Place du Chatelet, Paris, 19th century
Memories of the trip from Paris to Cadiz - Alexandre Dumas (Pere) in Spain, 1830. Artist: Pierre Francois Eugene Giraud
Calvary, late 16th century. Artist: Pieter Piertsz the Elder
The Seat of Justice in the Parlement of Paris, 1723. Artist: Nicolas Lancret
Paternal Admonition, 1654-1655. Artist: Gerard Terborch II
Smoker in front of a Fire, 17th century. Artist: David Teniers II
Bela III founding the Cistercian monastery at Szentgotthard in 1183 (1795-1796). Artist: Istvan Dorfmeister
The Birth of the Virgin, 1467. Artist: Fra Carnevale
Christ on the Cross, 16th century
The Environs of London from Greenwich, c1620-1630
The Mystery of the Revenge of Jesus Christ, detail, c1630
Arrival at Calais, 1816
Puppet Show, Marlet
Entrance of Charles VIII into Naples, 12th May 1495 (19th century)
Moon at Numazu, from 53 stations of Tokaido, 1832. Artist: Ando Hiroshige
English Tea Party with the Prince of Conti at the Temple, 1766. Artist: Michel Barthelemy Ollivier
Dinner at the Hospice of Beaune, France, late 19th / early 20th century. Artist: Claude Joseph Bail
US Mail Boat, 1870. Artist: Leila Bauman
Soldiers at the Edge of the River, 19th / early 20th century. Artist: Etienne Prosper Berne-Bellecour
David and Jonathan, 1642. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Descent From the Cross, 1634. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Alexander Cuts the Gordian Knot, late 18th / early 19th century. Artist: Jean Simon Berthelemy
Market and Fountain of the Innocents, Paris, 1823. Artist: John James Chalon
The Waterfall at Tivoli, 18th / early 19th century. Artist: Hubert Robert
A Village Bullfight, c1812-1814. Artist: Francisco Goya

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