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Daniel in the Lions Den, 1872, (1917). Artist: Briton Riviere
The Battle Between Cribb and Molineaux, September 28, 1811, October 3, 1811
The Climax, c1893. Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
Fencing in front of the President of the Republic, Palais de l'Elysee, 1895. Artist: F Meaulle
I Make Myself Known to My Aunt. Etching from David Copperfield, c1840-1880, (1923). Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
Fencing Match Between Mademoiselle La Chevaliere D'Eon De Beaumont and Monsieur De Saint George
Victor Wild, 1911
The Nile Flood Had Retired, c1930. Artist: W Heath Robinson
Fore-Cabin, H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, Rosyth, 16 November, 1918, (1935). Artist: Sir John Lavery
A Woman as Ebisu, from the series 'Seven Women as the Gods of Good Fortune for the... c. 1820
The Visit of the German Emperor, Frederick to Rome 1883; from a picture presented to the German Em Creator: Unknown
Negotiations for Peace: Meeting of the British and Burmese Commissioners, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Meeting of Edmund Ironside and Canute, on the Isle of Alney, in the Severn, c1890
The British attacking French Lines with Bayonets in the Battle of Maida, (1806), 1816
The Frog Footman delivers the invitation, c1910. Artist: John Tenniel
Greek Vase Painting, Persian and Hoplite fighting, c5th century BC
Greek Vase, Black-figure Amphora depicting Boxing Scene, c6th century BC
Literary Illustration with Two Ladies and Two Gentlemen in a Street, n.d
Oscar Wilde and Whistler, 1894. Creator: Philip William May
Identification of Prisoner, n.d. Creator: Charles Samuel Keene
Combat of Two Greeks, c. 1805. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Two Gentlemen with Walking Sticks, 1893. Creator: Philip William May
Tu nous fais _uer avec ton Csar, est-ce qui t'fera jamais gagner de quoi boire un verre!
Parau Hina Tefatou (Words between Goddess of the Moon and God of the Earth), 1893 / 94
Two Young Women Playing Cat's Cradle, c. 1769. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
The Courtesans Hinazuru and Karauta of the Chojiya Holding a Letter, c. 1776 / 81
Takigawa and Katarai of the Ogiya, from the series 'Models for Fashion: New Designs
Tilkayat Dauji II Maharaj with a Visitor, c. 1825. Creator: Unknown
Cocks Fighting near Bamboo Grove, c. 1770s. Creator: Isoda Koryusai
Fragment from a Border, Italy, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Fragment, Lucca, 1401 / 1450. Creator: Unknown
Fragment (Border), Italy, 1601 / 25. Creator: Unknown
Bracelets with Confronting Makara Heads (Karas), 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Relief Plaque, Early 1st century. Creator: Unknown
Stela of Amenemhat and Yatu, Egypt, Middle Kingdom, late Dynasty 12-early Dynasty 13
Vessel Depicting a Bound Prisoner Facing a Jaguar, A.D. 250 / 500. Creator: Unknown
El Maragato Threatens Friar Pedro de Zaldivia with His Gun, c. 1806
Friar Pedro Offers Shoes to El Maragato and Prepares to Push Aside His Gun, c. 1806
Friar Pedro Wrests the Gun from El Maragato, c. 1806. Creator: Francisco Goya
Young Spartan Girls Challenging Boys, c. 1860. Creator: Edgar Degas
Sir Jas. York Scarlett (1799-1880), General, led Charge of Heavy Brigade
Versailles, Coin de Parc, 1901. Creator: Eugene Atget
Marchand du Panier, 1899 / 1900. Creator: Eugene Atget
Untitled (landscape with two cows), 1898. Creator: Edward Mitchell Bannister
Duel Polemique, 1821. Creator: Eugene Delacroix
Lion Being Taught by Cupid to Sing [reverse], 1444. Creator: Pisanello
Wisdom (Sagesse), 1893. Creator: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Fashionable People at Les Ambassadeurs (Aux Ambassadeurs: Gens Chic), 1893

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