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Un soir de grand prix au pavillon d Armenonville
Masquerade, 1924. Artist: Somov, Konstantin Andreyevich (1869-1939)
At the theatre. Creator: Guillaume, Albert (1873-1942)
Wedding society, 1605. Creator: Caullery, Louis, de (ca 1580-1621)
Public Merrymaking, 1906. Artist: Sudeykin, Sergei Yurievich (1882-1946)
The Cossack Ball, 1924
Le bal de l Opera (Ball at the Opera), 1866
The bucolic dance
Feast in the castle park, 1624
Gustavian Style Interior with a Musical Party, 1779
Distinguished Dinner Company in an Interior, 1631
A Musical Party
A Merry Company
Merry Company, 1622
Musical amusement, 1665
Two elegant ladies, 1910
Dance society
Dance society
The Gore Family with George, Third Earl Cowper
An evening at Pre Catelan
Masked Ball at the Opera, 1886. Artist: Gervex, Henri (1852-1929)
Society in the Palais Royal, ca 1775. Artist: Carmontelle, Louis (1717-1806)
Ball in the Concert Hall of the Winter Palace during the Official Visit of Nasir al-Din Shah in May Artist: Zichy
The Ball in the House of Princess Maria Baryatinskaya, 1830s. Artist: Gagarin, Grigori Grigorievich (1810-1893)
The Public Promenade, 1792. Artist: Debucourt, Philibert-Louis (1755-1832)
Ball in the Tivoli Gardens, Paris, 1799. Artist: Watteau, Francois-Louis-Joseph (1758-1823)
The Recital. Artist: Schweninger, Carl, the Younger (1854-1912)
Dance at the Palace. Artist: Lucas Villaamil, Eugenio (1858-1919)
The Magician at the Palace. Artist: Lucas Villaamil, Eugenio (1858-1919)
Merry company. Artist: Buytewech, Willem Pietersz. (1591 / 92-1624)
A Musical Party. Artist: Hals, Dirck (1591-1656)
The Assembly at the time of Peter I. Artist: Lebedev, Klavdi Vasilyevich (1852-1916)
The Wedding Feast, 1917. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)
The Wedding Feast of Peter I and Catherine in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg on February 19, 1712, 1712
The Peasant Wedding, ca 1568. Artist: Bruegel (Brueghel), Pieter, the Elder (ca 1525-1569)
A Feast in an Italian Villa, c. 1620
The Wedding Feast, 1860. Artist: Sokolov, Ivan Ivanovich (1823-1918)
On the spit of Island (Strelka), 1870s. Artist: Savitsky, Konstantin Apollonovich (1844-1905)
A Convivial Evening, 1875-1897. Artist: Makovsky, Vladimir Yegorovich (1846-1920)
Easter Celebrations at the Court of Peter the Great. Artist: Samokish-Sudkovskaya, Elena Petrovna (1863-1924)
High Society Ball, First quarter of 19th century. Artist: Baranov, Vasili Venediktovich (1792-1836)
Bal blanc. Artist: Avy, Joseph Marius Jean (1871-1939)
Salon Interior, 1858. Artist: Redkovsky, Andrei Alexeevich (1831-1909)
The Ball at the Court of Louis XIII of France. Artist: Bakalowicz, Wladyslaw (1831-1904)
Garden Party in Albaro, c. 1740. Artist: Magnasco, Alessandro (1667-1749)
The Betrothal. Illustration from Il costume antico e moderno o storia del governo? by Giulio Ferrario, 1831
Salon Interior in the House of Zinaida Volkonskaya in Moscow, 1817. Artist: Barberi
Elegant Society at Round Table, um 1700. Artist: Tidemann, Philip (1657-1705)
A Merry Company at Table, 1630. Artist: Pot, Hendrik Gerritsz. (1580 / 81-1657)
Village Wedding. Artist: Steen, Jan Havicksz (1626-1679)
The Dinner at the Ball, 1878. Artist: Menzel, Adolph Friedrich, von (1815-1905)
The Dance at the Court of Herod, c. 1500. Artist: Meckenem, Israhel van, the Younger (ca 1440-1503)
Merry Company with Fortune Teller, 1631. Artist: Valentin de Boullogne (1591-1632)
Cafe Frascati (A Scene From Napoleons Time=, 1893. Artist: Flameng, Francois (1856-1923)
The Peasant Wedding. Artist: Brueghel, Pieter, the Younger (1564-1638)
The Wedding Feast. Artist: Brueghel, Pieter, the Younger (1564-1638)
A Ball in the Heraldic Hall in the Winter Palace, 1889. Artist: Zichy, Mihaly (1827-1906)
Merry Company, 1633. Artist: Palamedesz, Anthonie (1601-1673)
Ladies and Gentlemen playing La Main Chaude, c. 1655-1665. Artist: Janssens, Hieronymus, (Workshop)

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