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Dante and his Poem the Divine Comedy, 1465. Artist: Domenico di Michelino
cylinder seal depicting the naked hero, Gilgamesh wrestling with a lion
Tale of the Bamboo Cutter by Kose no Omi (Kose no Omi ga Taketori monogatari), from... c. 1804 / 18
Gilead helps Perceval and they together defeat 20 men, miniature in the incunable
Arjuna Slays Karna, Page from a Mahabharata Series, c. 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Arjuna Slays Karna, from a copy of the Razmnama, 1616 / 17. Creator: Abu'l Fazl
The Pilgrim of the Cross at the End of His Journey (study for series
The Pilgrim of the World at the End of His Journey (study for the series
The Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge, 1829. Creator: Thomas Cole
“‘Exile to Suma (Suma): Tamaori-hime
Asvatthama Fires the Narayana Weapon (Cosmic Fire) at the Pandavas, Folio... ca. 1616-17
Landscape with a Scene from Fénelon's Télémaque, 1780
Arjuna Battles Raja Tamradhvaja, Folio from a Razmnama, ca. 1616-17. Creator: Unknown
Homer (c. 850 a.C.), Greek epic poet, bust, Roman copy
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fighting the Saxons, miniature in
Assault and taking of a castle by the knights of King Arthur, miniature in the incunable
Detail from a poster promoting Cabiria, published 1914 (colour lithograph)
Cylinder seal depicting two crossed lions attacking a horned creature while the bearded hero
Bust, possibly depicting Hera or another family deity
Portrait bust
Portrait bust
An allegorical representation of The Apotheosis of Homer, signed by a sculptor from Priene
An miniature from a manuscript of Khamseh which illustrated the story of Laila and Madjnun
MS. Illumination Showing the Vision of Jacob, 12th century, (1902)
Sheet of Studies of Horses, a Cat and of St. George and the Dragon, c1480 (1945). Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Arma Virumque Cano, c1900, (1910). Artist: Reginald Augustus Wymer
Homer, 1st-2nd century, Roman poet, from Baiae, Campania, Italy, 1924
Penelope with the Suitors, 1509, (1909). Artist: Bernardino Pinturicchio
Folding Prints for Enclosure in Split Thalers, 1907
The Virgin and Child Enthroned, with Narrative Scenes, c1263, (1911). Artist: Margarito d'Arezzo
The last Day of Pompeii, 1833. Artist: Karl Briullov
St Ursula Shrine, Arrival in Basle, 1489. Artist: Hans Memling
St Ursula Shrine, 1489. Artist: Hans Memling
Virgin and Child, St Ursula Shrine, 1489. Artist: Hans Memling
The Tyrrhenians, 1615. Artist: Leonard Gaultier
Leaf for a Psalter, Canterbury Christ Church, c1155-1160
Akkadian cylinder-seal and impression of the flood epic
The Flood Tablet
Akkadian cylinder-seal impression showing the flood-epic
Cuneiform tablet relating part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, Neo-Assyrian, 7th century BC
The Argonauts finding the Golden Fleece, 1556
Les Grandes Journees de la Revolution Francaise, Revolution of 1789, France
Les Journee Fatales du Premier Empire, Revolution of 1789, France
St Ursula Shrine, St Ursula and the Holy Virgins, 1489. Artist: Hans Memling

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