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Entombment Gallery

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The Laying in the Tomb ( The Deposition / The Entombment ), 1602-16044. Artist: Michelangelo Caravaggio
The Entombment of Christ, 1817. Creator: Ignazio di Paolo Bonajuti
The Entombment, with Christs body carried on a sheet at center, the three Maries in the f... 1594
Three Fragments of a Passion Frieze: The Kiss of Judas, Christ before Pilate, ... probably 1460-69. Creator: Anon
Christs Passion, detail from the altarpiece of St Antony, 16th century
Triptych with The Crucifixion, The Flagellation, and The Entombment, Limoges, c. 1500
The Entombment, c. 1656. Creator: Guercino
Entombment, 1500 / 05. Creator: Unknown
Station of the Cross No. 14: 'Jesus is Laid in His Tomb', c. 1936
Christ in the Sepulchre, 1937. Creator: Eldora P. Lorenzini
Penitente Santo Entierro or (Saint in Earth), 1937. Creator: Eldora P. Lorenzini
The Entombment, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
The Entombment, ca. 1622. Creator: Giovanni Temini
Entombment, ca. 1595-1600. Creator: Guido Reni
The Entombment; Christ with legs outstretched, the Virgin at right, 1590-1600
The Entombment, 1515-1573. Creator: Battista del Moro
The Entombment, 1585. Creator: Andrea Andreani
The Burial of the Virgin, in or after 1630. Creator: Jacques Callot
The entombment of Christ, the crosses on Calvary visble in left background, 1563
The Entombment. Creator: Ludwig of Ulm
Pietà, 1520s. Creator: Moretto da Brescia
The Entombment of Christ, 1500-1600. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment. Creator: Valerio Belli
The Entombment, 1525 or after. Creator: Valerio Belli
The Entombment of Christ, c. 1450. Creator: Fra Angelico
The Entombment of Christ who is being lowered by two men into a stone tomb before... ca
Entombment, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
The Entombment, ca. 1654. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Entombment, ca. 1527-30. Creator: Parmigianino
The Entombment, from The Passion of Christ, mid 17th century. Creator: Nicolas Cochin
The Entombment of Christ, ca. 1435-1491. Creator: Martin Schongauer
The Entombment, 1850. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment, from The Passion of Christ, 1596. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
The Virgin of Sorrows: The Entombment; one of nine surrounding compartments from the Vi
Entombment of Christ.n.d. Creators: Claude Gillot, Jacques Gabriel Huquier
The Entombment of Christ, ca. 1465-75. Creator: Andrea Mantegna
The Entombment of Christ, French, ca. 1390-1405. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment, ca. 1780. Creator: Stefano Mulinari
The Entombment, 1772-1824. Creator: Tommaso Piroli
The Entombment, 1589. Creator: Philippe Thomassin
The Entombment, from Speculum passionis domini nostri Ihesu Christi, 1507
Stained Glass Panel with the Entombment, German, 15th century. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment of Christ, German, ca. 1420-40. Creator: Unknown
The Entombment of Christ, ca. 1514-36. Creator: Agostino Veneziano
Christ being laid into the sepulcher as the Virgin stands weeping behind, 1600-30
Entombment Facing Left, 1529-1530. 1529-1530. Creator: Parmigianino
Christ on the Cross with Six Scenes from the Life of Christ, ca. 1850
The Entombment, 1554. Creator: Moretto da Brescia

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