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Empress Gallery

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Queen Victoria, c1890
Mozart performs for Empress Maria Theresia, 1 October 1762, (1936). Creator: Unknown
Tsar Nicholas II at the opening ceremony of the first Duma, St Petersburg, Russia, 1906
Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Catherine II on the Balcony of the Winter Palace, Greeted by the Guards on the Day of the Palace Revolution on June 28
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, c1890
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1763. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich (1735-1808)
Portrait of Marie-Thérèse, 1747. Creator: Johann Christoph Reinsperger
Landscape containing fifteen silhouettes, 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Tsarina Alexandra nursing wounded soldiers, 1914, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Empress Eugenie surrounded by her ladies in waiting, c1920. Artist: Arthur Leonard Cox
Brush: Lady Wei (Fude: Ei fujin), from the series 'The Four Friends of the Writing Table... c.1827
The Actor Yamashita Kinsaku holding a puppet of the Empress in the play 'Diary Kept on a J... 1725
The Empress Augusta of Germany from an early photograph, 1890. Creator: F. Jamrath & Son
Arival of the Empress Dowager Frederick of Germany at Port Victoria, 1888. Creator: Unknown
Victoria, Queen of England and Empress of India, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India, 1877: The Imperial Durbar at Delhi
Flag of the Leib-Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment, 1742. Artist: Flags, Banners and Standards
Portrait of Empress Catherine the Great in her Coronation Robe. Artist: Erichsen, Vigilius (1722-1782)
Flag of the Grenadier Company of the Preobrazhensky Life Guard Regiment, 1744. Artist: Anonymous master
Empress Marie Louise, Empress of France, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, (1791-1847)
Empress Marie Louise, Empress of France, (1791-1847)
Jahangir and Prince Khurram with Nur Jahan, c1624-1625
The Vision of St. Helena. Creator: Marcantonio Raimondi
Incense That Revives the Image of the Dead - Lady Li, 1765. Creator: Komatsuya Hyakki
The Hole in the Wall, 1765. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu
Yang Guifei, Japan, 1789-92. Creator: Shunsho
An Imperial Carriage, Japan, c. 1801 / 04. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro
Yang Guifei, Japan, 1765. Creator: Komatsuya Hyakki
Yokihi (Chinese: Yang Guifei) with attendant, 18th century. Creator: Nishimura Shigenaga
Empress Komyo (Komyoko), from the series 'Three Beautiful Women (San bijin)', c
Empress Jingu (left), and Her Minister Takenouchi no Sukune (right), late 1780s
Messalina returning from the Bath, 1897. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Messalina, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Julia Mamaea, 231-235, issued by Severus Alexander
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Julia Mamaea, 222-235. Creator: Unknown
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Emperor Nero, 54-68. Creator: Unknown
Coin Portraying Empress Fausta, 324-325. Creator: Unknown
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Empress Julia Maesa, 218. Creator: Unknown
Handkerchief, England, c. 1897. Creator: Unknown
Coin Portraying Empress Salonina, 253-268. Creator: Unknown
Marriage of Eugenie and Napoleon III (Furnishing Fabric), France, c. 1853 / 55
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Empress Faustina the Elder, 141-161, issued by Antoninus Pius
Sestertius (Coin) Portraying Empress Agrippina, 37-41. Creator: Unknown
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Plautilla, 202-205, issued by Septimius Severus
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Empress Julia Domna, 196-211, issued by Septimius
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Empress Faustina the Younger, 161-175, issued by Marcus Aurelius
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Empress Sabina, 134, issued by Hadrian. Creator: Unknown

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