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View of the city of Plasencia (Caceres), engraving in Voyage Pittoresque en
The Hotel Tassel, 6, Rue Paul-Emile Jansonstraat, Brussels, Belgium, 2015. Artist
Waterloo Bridge - A Rainy Day, c1917. Artist: Emile Claus
The Chateau of Medan, c1880, (1936). Artist: Paul Cezanne
Aube et Crepuscule bed, 1904. Emile Galle, (1846-1904), (c2014-2017) Artist: Alan John Ainsworth
Saucer, France, c. 1900. Creator: Emile Gallé
Smyrniotes, 1873. Creator: Emile Boilvin
Landscape Study with Clouds, ca. 1829-31. Creator: Emile Charles Joseph Loubon
Madeleine in the Bois d Amour, 1888. Artist: Emile Bernard
Churchill Visits The Somme Battlefield, 1915, (1945). Creator: Unknown
Maison-Atelier Geo Bernier, 4 Rue de la Reforme, Brussels, Belgium, (1902), c2014-c2017
Aube et Crepuscule bed, 1904, (c2014-2017). Artist: Alan John Ainsworth
Girandole Coloqunites, c.1902, (c2014-2017). Artist: Alan John Ainsworth
Art Nouveau Furniture, late 19th century, (c2014-2017). Artist: Alan John Ainsworth
Maison-Atelier Emile Fabry, 6 Rue du College Saint-Michel, (1902), c2014-2017. Artist
Emile Zola (1840-1902), French novelist
View of the Cathedral and the Miquelet tower in Valencia, engraving in Voyage Pittoresque
Paul et Virginie, 1866. Artist: Emile Levy
Ecouen, 1858, (c1915). Artist: Emile Lambinet
Sir Henry Irving - The Greatest of Victorian Actors, c1925
Emile Moreau, c1893
Combes, c1893. Artist: Aaron Gerschel
Forichon, c1893. Artist: Eugene Pirou
Emile Ollivier, c1893. Artist: Charles Reutlinger
Emile Zola and Jeanne Rozerat, c1890, (1939). Artist: Pierre Petit
Petite Mendiante Rousse, c1843, (1939). Artist: Emile Isidore Deroy
Emile Ollivier, c1890
Azaleas, Kew Gardens, c1914. Artist: Emile Claus
The Village Pond, Upton Grey, c1914. Artist: Emile Claus
A Wooded Hillside, Upton Grey, c1914. Artist: Emile Claus
March Sunshine, Leicester Square, c1914. Artist: Emile Claus
Ferme en Zud-Beveland, c1899. Artist: Emile Claus
Emile Claus, from a photograph, c1899
Rough Weather, c1917. Artist: Emile Claus
Rue St Rustique, Montmartre, 1915. Artist: Emile Rousseau
Rue de l Abreuvoir, Montmartre, 1915. Artist: Emile Rousseau
Glass Vase by E. Galle, c1846-1903, (1903). Artist: Emile Galle
Augustus presents the constitution, Lyon, France, 10 BC (1882-1884)
Panhard and Levassors petrol driven motor car, 1892 (1956)
Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian, French writers, 1887
Emile Zola, French novelist, with his family, 1899
Emile Ollivier, French statesman, 1895
Emile Augier, French dramatist, 1885
Emile Littre, French philosopher and lexicographer, 1869
Georges Clemenceau, French statesman, 1897
Luther at the Diet of Worms, 1882
Emile Zola (1840-1902), French novellist, 1868.Artist: Edouard Manet
Two men from French Guinea, c1850-1890.Artist: Emile Antoine Bayard

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