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Elizabeth Tudor Gallery

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Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland, c1588. Artist: George Gower
Queen Elizabeth, The Ermine Portrait, 1585, (1896).Artist: Nicholas Hilliard
Queen Elizabeth I, 16th century (1905)
Princess Elizabeth, later Queen, c1547, (1902)
Lord Howard of Effingham, c1600. Artist: Thomas Cockson
Alabaster statue of Queen Elizabeth I, 16th century
Portrait of Elizabeth I of England. Artist: Anonymous
The Lord Mayors Sword of State and Pearl Sword, 1916
Queen Elizabeth, 1588, 1888. Creator: Federico Zuccaro
Queen Elizabeth Dancing with the Earl of Leicester, 1581, (1942). Creator: Unknown
Sir P. Sidney, (1554-1586), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sir Edmund Anderson, (1530-1605), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Tower of London. St. Thomass and the Bell Tower, c1910. Creator: Unknown
Quickly pulling off his cloak he threw it upon the ground, 1581, (1905).Artist: A S Forrest
Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Edward VI, 1597. Creator: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth I of England, late 16th-early 17th century
Queen Elizabeth's State Bed, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth I, 1592. Creator: Crispijn de Passe I
Interior of the Old School-Room, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Sir W. Raleigh, (c1552-1618), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Spenser, (c1552-1599), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Jewel, (1522-1571), 1830. Creator: Unknown
G. Gascoigne, (c1535-1577), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sir Francis Drake, (c1540-1596), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Dee, (1527-1609), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Camden, (1551-1623), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sir Nicholas Bacon, (1510-1579), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Lancelot Andrews, (1555-1626), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sir Walter Raleigh, c1580-1600, (1890). Creator: Unknown
The First Fleet of the East India Company Leaving Woolwich, 1601, (1890.) Creator: Unknown
Defeat of the Armada: Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's, (1558), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth Receiving the French Ambassadors after the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1890
Sir Francis Drake, c1570-1580, (1890). Creator: Unknown
The Tiger Tavern on Tower Hill, c1935. Creator: Unknown
Elisabeth, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Europa Prima Pars Terrae in Forma Virginis (Europe in the Shape of a Queen), 1581
Queen Elizabeth, (1881). Creator: Unknown
A Portrait of Queen Elizabeth, (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell
The Assembly before the Hunt, (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell
Queen Elizabeth I, c1580. (1941)
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) (The Gripsholm Portrait), 1563
Procession Portrait of Queen Elizabeth, ca 1600-1603. Artist: Anonymous
Elizabeth, 1856. Artist: Alfred Crowquill
Ambassadors from the States of Holland imploring Assistance of Queen Elizabeth, c1787
Maria Stuart 1542-1587 und Elisabeth v. England 1533-1603, 1934
A Woman of the Time of Elizabeth, 1907. Artist: Dion Clayton Calthrop
A Man of the Time of Elizabeth, 1907. Artist: Dion Clayton Calthrop
Queen Elizabeth, 1592, (1904). Artist: Marcus Gheeraerts, the Younger

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