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Elephant Gallery

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Lakshmi, 1894. Creator: Unknown
The Prince of Wales with the Maharajah of Gwalior during his Indian tour, 1921
Mammals, c1910. Creator: Unknown
An official of the British East India Company riding on an elephant with an escort of foot soldiers
Roman relief of an elephant
A View of Tinnevelly, India, 1828. Artist: Marlet et Cie
Collecting Ivory; Life in a South African Colony, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Sultan Süleyman and the Süleymaniye Mosque, Constantinople, 1574 (or earlier), alter... 1559-1688
An army marching through a field;soldiers on foot at left and right, while others ride el... 1678
The Animals Going into the Ark from The Story of the Family of Seth, 1586 Creator: Johann Sadeler I
Plate 15: Ferdinand as Hannibal crossing the Alps; from Guillielmus Becanuss Serenissimi... 1636
A Young Elephant, .n.d. Creator: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein
Recently Imported Big Elephant, 1863 (3rd month). Creator: Ichiryusai Yoshitoyo
Picture of an Elephant Born in Maruka in Central India, 2nd month, 1863. Creator: Ichiryusai Yoshitoyo
Print, ca. 1863. Creator: Ichiryusai Yoshitoyo
Big Elephants Being Attacked, 2nd month, 1863. 2nd month, 1863. Creator: Isshinsai Yoshikata
Newly Imported Great Elephant, 2nd month, 1863. 2nd month, 1863. Creator: Ichiryusai Yoshitoyo
East Gate of the Great Stupa of Sanchi, 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Circus, mock-up for a book cover, c1950. Creator: Shirley Markham
Bust of Hannibal Barca
Illustration of Elephant from India On Display at Hirokoji in Ryogoku (Tenjiku no zo kotabi... 1863)
Picture of Large Elephant from India (Tenjiku hakurai dai zo no shashin), An Attraction at... 1863. Creator: Yoshikazu
Crowned and Bejewelled Buddha Seated on an Elephant Throne, Late 19th century. Creator: Unknown
Goddess of Abundance Enthroned on Lion and Lustrated by Elephants, 7th / 8th century. Creator: Unknown
Clay filter with design of elephant, Fatimid dynasty (969-1171), 11th-12th century. Creator: Unknown
Prince Albert Victor in India--Elephant catching in Mysore, 1890. Creator: Unknown
Elephants at Rest. Creator: Viet Chu
Elephant Stands. Creator: Viet Chu
Elephant and Baby. Creator: Viet Chu
Cavalcade Setting Out on a Tiger-Hunt, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Flight of Europeans from the Mutineers, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Courtyard of the Palace of Govindghur, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Elephant Equipped for Battle, with Armou, Howdah, Etc. c1891. Creator: James Grant
The Elephant of India, c1891. Creator: James Grant
The Rout at Eroor, c1891. Creator: James Grant
Elephant Close up. Creator: Viet Chu
Elephant Matriarch. Creator: Viet Chu
Traveling Elephants. Creator: Viet Chu
Elephant Family. Creator: Viet Chu
The Churning of the Ocean of Milk, ca. 1780-90. Creator: Unknown
The Visit of the Prince of Wales to India, 1876: The Princes Elephant charged by a Tiger
Chir Singh, Maharajah of the Sikhs and King of the Punjab with his retinue hunting near Lahore
The black obelisk of Shalmaneser III
Coin of Hannibal Barca. Carthage. (Obverse: Hannibal, Reverse: Elephant), ca. 213-210 BC
Ivory, Apes and Peacocks (The Queen of Sheba), c1909. Artist: John Duncan
King Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906) and Prince Frederick (1868-1940), 1904 (1908).Artist: Queen Alexandra
The Fight between Scipio Africanus and Hannibal, c. 1616-1618. Artist: Cesari, Bernardino (1565-1621)
Washing the White Elephant, Ming dynasty (1369-1644), late 16th century. Creator: Unknown

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