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Professor Francis Lieber, between 1855 and 1865. Creator: Unknown
Alexander Campbell of Illinois, 1865-1880. Creator: Unknown
Lenin Debating with the Narodnik Vorontsov (1894), (1939)
30c Alexander Hamilton special printing single, 1875. Creator
30c Alexander Hamilton India plate proof pair, 1888. Creator: American Bank Note Company
Giovanni Domenico Peri, 1619. Creator: Jacques Callot
Alexander Hamilton, 1806. Creator: John Trumbull
Henry George, 1888. Creator: George de Forest Brush
Samuel Blodget, c. 1784. Creator: John Trumbull
Alexander Hamilton, c. 1792. Creator: John Trumbull
Alexander Hamilton, c. 1806. Creator: John Trumbull
Portrait of Jean Monnet, 1765. Creator: Augustin de Saint-Aubin
Adam Smith, (1723-1790), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Hume, (1711-1776), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Azpliceuta, (1491-1586), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Jas. Anderson, (1739-1808), 1830. Creator: Unknown
John Law, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Jacques Turgot, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Joaquin Costa (1846-1911), Spanish politician
John Stuard Mill (1806-1877), English philosopher and economist
Jose Zulueta and Gomis (Barcelona, 1858-1925), politician and economist, he
Federico Rahola and Tremols (Cadaques, Gerona, 1858-1919), lawyer, economist
Alvaro Florez Estrada (1766-1853), Spanish economist and politician, drawing 1895
Segismundo Moret and Prendergast, (Cadiz, 1838-Madrid, 1913), Spanish jurist and politician
The Rights of Women or the Effects of Female Enfranchisement, 1853
David Hume, 1788
In the Land of the Muscovite, 1900
Frederic Passy, c1893
Yves Guyot, c1893
John Stuart Mill, British philosopher and social reformer, 19th century (1956)
Frederic Passy, French economist and writer, 1901
David Hume, 18th century Scottish philosopher, economist and historian, (1845). Artist: W Holl
John Law, Scottish economist, late 17th-early 18th century (c1880). Artist: Whymper
Sidney James Webb, 1st Baron Passfield (1859-1947), British socialist, economist and reformer.Artist: W&D Downey
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot receiving a letter of reference, 1898.Artist: Gustave Demoulin
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, French economist and statesman, 1898. Artist: Gilbert
John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), British social reformer and philosopher
Sir John Bowring (1792-1872), English political economist and Governor of Hong Kong
Sir William Petty, 17th century English economist, scientist and philosopher, (c1850)
Adam Smith, 18th century Scottish philosopher and economist, (1836).Artist: W Holl
Four German socialists, (1903)
Baron de Laune, (1885). Artist: Louis Michel van Loo
Robert Hamilton, Scottish economist and mathematician, (1870).Artist: William Holl
John Hill Burton, Scottish historian, jurist, and economist, 19th century.Artist: W Holl
Turgot, French statesman and economist, 19th century. Artist: William Thomas Fry
Nikolay Ivanovich Turgenev, Russian author, c1860-c1864
David Hume, Scottish philosopher, historian and economist, 1837
John Law, Comptroller General of France, 1720 (1841)
Thomas Robert Malthus, English economist and clergyman
Karl Marx, German social, political and economic theorist
John Stuart Mill, British social reformer and philosopher, 1873
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot (1727-1781), French politician and economist
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, French politician and economist, early 19th century. Artist: William Thomas Fry
Adam Smith (1723-1790), Scottish philosopher and economist, 1790. Artist: John Kay
Frederic Passy, French economist and writer, 1902
Richard Cobden, British politician, economist and Lancashire calico manufacturer, c1870
Baines, The Leeds Mercury, Instructing Young England, 1847

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