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Spanish Armada Off the Coast of England, ca 1620-1625. Artist: Wieringen, Cornelis Claesz, van (ca 1576-1633)
The Armada in sight, Plymouth hoe, 1880, (1911). Artist: John Seymour Lucas
There is time to finish the game and beat the Spaniards too, said Drake, 1588, (1905). Artist: As Forrest
Drake and lotus flowers, Yuan dynasty, 1279-1368. Creator: Unknown
View of York, 1756, (1943). Creator: Charles Grignion
Himalayan Balsam: Impatiens Glandulifera, 1840, (1944). Creator: Unknown
Bowling Green used by Sir Francis Drake, and the War Memorial, Plymouth Hoe, Plymouth
Sir Francis Drake, (c1540-1596), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Defeat of the Armada: Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul s, (1558), 1890. Creator: Unknown
The English Fleet Before Cadiz, (1596), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Sir Francis Drake, c1570-1580, (1890). Creator: Unknown
Map Showing Drakes Voyage of Circumnavigation (1577-1580), 1923. Creator: Unknown
Francis Drake, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Mr.T.T. Drake, 1879. Creator: Vincent Brooks Day & Son
Sir Francis Drake, ca 1588. Creator: Anonymous
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake, 1596. Creator: Anonymous
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake, 1641. Creator: Anonymous
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake, 1628. Creator: Vaughan, Robert (c. 1600-before 1663)
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake, 1741. Creator: Anonymous
A View of the Haven of Acapulco, c1768
Drakes Great Surprise for a Sleeping Man, c1934
Francis Drake Knighted by Elizabeth, 1882. Artist: Anonymous
The sinking of the Spanish Armada in 1588, 1601. Artist: Anonymous
Battle of Cadiz (Dutch and English Ships Attack the Spanish Armada), 1608. Artist: Aert Anthonisz. (Aert van Antum) (ca)
The sinking of the Spanish Armada in 1588, 1613-1615. Artist: Hogenberg, Frans (1535-1590)
The sinking of the Spanish Armada in 1588, c. 1680. Artist: Luyken, Jan (Johannes) (1649-1712)
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake, 1581. Artist: Hilliard, Nicholas (c. 1547-1619)
Battle between Francis Drakes ship Golden Hind and the Spanish ship Cacafuego. (From Levinus Hulsiu Artist: Anonymous)
Portrait of Sir Francis Drake. (Frontispiece from The World Encompassed), 1628. Artist: Anonymous
Title page of Americae Pars VIII (with a portrait of Francis Drake and his ship, the Golden Hind), 1 Artist: Bry
Sir Francis Drake, c1580-1610, (1903). Artists: Unknown, Sir Francis Drake
Miniatures of the Elizabethan Period (Victoria and Albert Museum.), c1580-1610, (1903)
Drakes Funeral, January 1596, (c1880)
Drake Attacking the Spanish Treasure Ship, c1578, (c1880)
Lord Francis Russell, c1534-1538 (1945). Artist: Hans Holbein the Younger
The Expedition Against Santiago, c1880
Sir Francis Drake, 16th century, (1910)
Sir Francis Drake - The First Englishman To See The Pacific, c1925. Artist: Arthur Percy Dixon
Mallard or Wild-Duck - An as bos cas, c1910, (1910). Artist: George James Rankin
Sir Francis Drakes first sight of the Pacific Ocean, 1578 (1908)
The first English ship in the Pacific: Sir Francis Drakes Golden Hind at Lima, 1579 (1908)
The surrender of Don Anton to Sir Francis Drake, 1 March 1579 (1905)
The Drake Well, Pennsylvania, America, 1859
Francisco Drake, (1540-1596), 1920s
Sir Francis Drake, taken from a series of cigarette cards, 1935
Rita Rio, American singer, dancer and film actress, c1938
One of Drakes Men, 1588 (c1890-c1893)
En route for Wolverhampton for the England v Wales football match, 1936. Artist: Keystone

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