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Doublet Gallery

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Sir Martin Frobisher, late 16th century, (1946). Creator: Cornelius Ketel
Portrait of George Percy, in full shirt of Holland linen worn with doublet, c1610-1620, (1937)
The Gallery of Historic Costume: Some of the Dresses Worn in Elizabeths Reign, c1934
John Van der Wall, c. 1745. Creator: Thomas Hudson
An Elegant Company, 1632. Creator: Pieter Codde
Portrait of a Man, 1565 / 70. Creator: Antonis Mor
Portrait of Don Juan of Austria, 1559 / 60. Creator: Alonso Sanchez Coello
Francesco de Medici, c. 1560. Creator: Alessandro Allori
William Shakespeare, 1719. Creator: George Vertue
The Lady of Monsoreau (La Dame de Monsoreau), 1830-65. Creator
Study after Old Master, c. 1858. Creator: Elihu Vedder
El Gran Capitanio, c. 1516 / 1520. Creator: Unknown
King Philip III of Spain, ca. 1590-1600. Creator: Unknown
Two Mercenaries and a Woman, 1524. Creator: Urs Graf
Leonard von Eckh, 1553. Creator: Hans Sebald Lautensack
Ferdinand I, 1556. Creator: Hans Sebald Lautensack
Georg Roggenbach, 1554. Creator: Hans Sebald Lautensack
Ulrich Schwaiger (?), 1554. Creator: Hans Sebald Lautensack
Pancraz von Freyberg Hohenschau, 1553. Creator: Hans Sebald Lautensack
Portrait of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, 1600-1700
Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, 1596 / 1601. Creator: Studio of Marcus Gheeraerts
Portrait of a Man in a Wide-Brimmed Hat, early 1630s. Creator: Jan Cossiers
Alessandro Alberti with a Page, possibly 1544 / 1545. Creator: Gian Paolo Pace
Gerhard van Suchtelen, c. 1666. Creator: Gerard Terborch II
First Landing of Christopher Columbus, 1800 / 1805. Creator: Frederick Kemmelmeyer
Portrait of a Nobleman, c. 1570. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of a Youth, c. 1485. Creator: Filippino Lippi
Portrait of a Young Man, 1558. Creator: Anon
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1569. Creator: Antonis Mor
Philippe II, roi d Espagne. Creator: Jean Morin
Captain of Infantry, 1587. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
A gentleman, seen from behind, walking towards the right with a cane
A gentleman standing in front of a large castle and wearing a plumed hat
Francisco Valdes, Spanish Commander, from the series Quatuor Personae... 1649
The Standard Bearer, ca. 1515. Creator: Hans Schäufelein the Elder
A Standard-Bearer Flanked by a Lansquenet at each side (copy)
Boy with a Greyhound, possibly 1570s. Creator: Paolo Veronese
Portrait of a Man, ca. 1481-82. Creator: Cosimo Rosselli
Robert Devereux, c1596-1601, (1944). Creator: Unknown
Doublet of black silk trimmed with points of galloon with silver aiglets, c17th century, (1937)
Doublet of black cloth trimmed with silk braid and crochet buttons, c17th century, (1937)
Portrait of George Sandys, with slashed doublet and Vandyke collar, c1610-1630, (1937)
A Play in a London Inn Yard, In the Time of Queen Elizabeth, c1873. Creator: Swain
A Sportsman of the 16th Century, (c1798). Creator: Unknown
Henry Somerset, First Marquis of Worcester, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: H Robinson
Prince William of Orange In His Thirteenth Year, c1662, (1928). Creator: Unknown
Historical costume, 1951. Creator: Shirley Markham
Seated Man, in Doublet and Cloak, 19th century

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