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Dispute Gallery

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The Silver Age, 1527. Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
Page from Stern des Meschiah, 1477. 1477. Creator: Anon
The Dispute of the Church Fathers over the Holy Sacrament, 1575. Creator: Cornelis Cort
Christ with the Doctors in the Temple, from The Story of Christ, 1534-35
The Judgment of Solomon. Creator: Georg Pencz
The Judgment of Solomon, 1782. Creator: Cornelis Brouwer
Christ Disputing with the Doctors, c. 1600. Creator: Unknown
Christ Disputing with the Doctors [recto], c. 1600. Creator: Unknown
Disputed Game, 1850. Creator: Thomas Hewes Hinckley
Sa famille (chanson), 1893. Creator: Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Christ Disputing with the Doctors, 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
Jesus with the Pharisees, 1635. Creator: Jacques Callot
The Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Benjamin Hoadly, Lord Bishop of Winchester
Hudubras and Ralpho Disputing (Seventeen Small Illustrations for Samuel Butlers Hudibr
Christ Seated Disputing with the Doctors, 1654. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Christ Disputing with the Doctors; a sketch, 1652. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Peasants Fighting over a Game of Cards. Creator: Lucas Vorsterman
Jealous Monster (from Fifteen Etchings Dedicated to Sir Joshua Reynolds), December 8
Francesco I d Este Intervenes for an Agreement between Pope Urban VIII
Dr. C. Middleton, (1683- 1750), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Edwy dragged by Dunstan from the presence of Elgiva, c1890. Creator: Unknown
Milk churns at Hyde Park during the General Strike, London, 1926, (1935). Creator: Unknown
Miners playing cards during the General Strike, Britain, 1926, (1935). Creator: Unknown
The Battle of the Pamphleteers. Or Newark versus Newcastle, 1829. Creator: John Doyle
Conspiracy against Louis I the Pious, Emperor of the West, miniature in Great
The Peacemaker, 1908. Artist: Lance Thackeray
The Battle of the Nile, 1908. Artist: Lance Thackeray
Armed troops confronting protesters during an industrial dispute, USA, 1912. Artist
The Judgement of Solomon
Langstons interview with King John, 1912
Benjamin Hoadly, (1676-1761), English clergyman, 19th century. Artist: B Holl
Two Natives Dispute Captain Cooks Landing, 1904
Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas over the Heretics, 1489-1491 (1870).Artist: Perrichon
Philip V, King of Spain, 1700 (1906). Artist: Braun and Co
Outside the National Rent Office after the arrest of O Brien and Dillon, Loughrea, Ireland, 1887
Police raid on the National Rent Offices at Loughrea, Ireland, 1887
Randolph threatened, c17th century (c1880)
Meeting of the Arbitrators on the Alabama claims at Geneva, 1871 (late 19th century)
The crown resigned to the Popes legate by King John (1167-1216), 1213
King John (1167-1216) kneeling before the Popes legate, 1213
The Crusaders Feud, 1909
The Female Orators, 1768.Artist: Rennoldson
A Lawn Tennis Problem, 1923
The Dispute of Saint Dominic and the Miracle of the Book (Predella of the retable The Coronation of Artist: Angelico)
Two flying putti, study, 1740s. Artist: Pompeo Batoni
Christ and John the Baptist as Children, between 1655 and 1660. Artist: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Dispute between French and English fishermen in the Channel, 1904
The Rock of Gibraltar, 1879. Artist: T Taylor

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