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Disembarking Gallery

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Dropping the Pilot, 1890. Artist: John Tenniel
The Recent Disturbances in Zululand; Royal Scots Disembarking at Durban, Natal, 1888. Creator: Unknown
The Landing of the Troops, probably 1628 / 1631. Creator: Jacques Callot
A rowboat full of men at right, a ship with men descending into a rowboat behind to left
Women Landing from a Pleasure Boat Drawn Up to the Shore at Mukojima on Sumida River
Cherson - Cossack Bay. French Landing Place and Depot, c1850s. Creator: Unknown
The hot sun streams down on a desert landing ground, c1942-1943, (1945). Creator: Unknown
View of the Castle Rock, pub. 1793. Creator: J. Hassell (1767-1825) and J.C. Ibbetson (1759-1817)
Detail from a namban jin or southern barbarian screen, Japanese, Edo period, early 17th century
Attack on the Isle of Wight, July 1545, (c1880)
Polish Troops to fight with Britain, 1940, (1940)
Pecheurs Bretons Debarqunt Du Goemon, c1903. Artist: Charles Cottet
The landing of the Lady de Coucy at Boulogne, 1399 (1905)
Churchill responds to the cheers from the crew of HMS Prince of Wales, 1941
The Terrors of the Law, 1881 (1891). Artist: George du Maurier
Landing ammunition for the insurgents, under fire, Spanish-American War, Cuba, 1898
West Gate of Ching-keang-foo (Zhenjiang), China, 21 July 1842 (c1857).Artist: MJ Starling
Passenger ship bethed at Molde, Norway, 1929
Greetings for newcomers on the pier alongside the Pacific Mail SS China, at Yokohama, Japan, 1904
The admiral striking his flag, HMS Warspite, 1937
British troops disembarking in France, 7 August 1914
Disembarking troops at Guantanamo, Cuba, 1898. Artist: F Meaulle
Mahomet Ali Arriving in Constantinople, c1847. Artist: Jean Adolphe Beauce
Landing at Frejus, March, 1815
Arrival at Calais, 1816
Roman invasion of Britain, 55-54 BC (c1820)
Louis IX of France disembarking at Damietta, Egypt, Seventh Crusade, 1249 (1522)
Louis IX of France disembarking at Carthage during the Eighth crusade, 1270 (1518)
German prisoner of war arriving in England, escorted by an American soldier, 1944
A galley covered in sails to left, six cannons and four people to left in foreground

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