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Dice Gallery

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Stirrup Glass (Sturzglas) with Silver Armilary Sphere Incorporating Dice, Antwerp
The Crucifixion, with the lowering of the cross at center, soldiers throughout
Saint Bonaventure Arriving and Preaching in Lyon, 1480-1490. Creator: Unknown
Die for a Coin, Iran, ca. 1311-1335. Creator: Unknown
Dice, Iran, 9th-10th century. Creator: Unknown
Triompho di Fortuna, January 1526. Creator: Unknown
The Parody, or Mother Cole and Loader, April 10, 1784. April 10, 1784
School for Modern Greeks, May 10, 1802. May 10, 1802. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
Come Five! Come Seven!, Spanish-American War, 18 June 1898, (1899). Creator
Camden Lock Village, London, UK, 13 / 4 / 10. Creator: Ethel Davies
Pirates of the Mediterranean Playing at Dice for Prisoners. c1869. Artist: W Ridgway
Libro de los juegos, ajedrez, dados y tablas (Book of games, chess, dice and tables
Playing dice. Miniature of the Book of Games, manuscript, 1283, by Alfonso X el Sabio
Dice Players, ca 1624
Backgammon at the Cafe
Soldiers playing Dice. Artist: Sweerts, Michiel (1618-1664)
Knights and Soldiers playing Dice for Christs Robe. Artist: Baegert, Derick (ca 1440-after 1502)
A pair of Roman dice made from carved bone, 1st century BC
Death and the Jew, an episode from the Dance of Death, 1441, (1870)
The Four Times of Day: Afternoon, c. 1740. Artist: Lancret, Nicolas (1690-1743)
The backgammon players. Artist: Rosati, Giulio (1858-1917)
Easy come, easy go, 1661. Artist: Steen, Jan Havicksz (1626-1679)
Interior With A Woman Feeding A Parrot Two Men Playing Backgammon And Other Figures (The Parrot Cage), 1670
Soldiers playing dice before the city of Caesarea. Miniature from the Historia by William of Tyre, 1460s
Backgammon Players, c. 1645. Artist: Teniers, David, the Younger (1610-1690)
Card and Backgammon Players. Fight over Cards, 1620-1629. Artist: Rombouts, Theodor (1597-1637)
Flemings Playing Dice, 17th century. Artist: Adriaen van Ostade
A representation of December, 1757. Artist: Bernard de Montfaucon
Egyptian Village, 1869. Artist: Henry Pilleau
Vase-painting of Achilles and Ajax playing dice
Celtic iron age gaming pieces
Room in an Inn with Peasants Drinking, Smoking and Playing Backgam, 1678. Artist: Ostade, Adriaen Jansz
Egyptian dice
Egyptian dice
Japanese ivory of a dice painter, 19th century
The Royal Game of Ur, from Ur, southern Iraq, c2600-c2400 BC
Dice painter, Japanese, c1860
Detail of a Roman floor mosaic showing dice players, 3rd century
Dice Makers Workshop, 16th century. Artist: Jost Amman
Panel, England, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
The Crucifixion, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
Print. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada

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