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Duck-Shooting on Saratoga Lake, 1973, (1883). Artist: Matthew Somerville Morgan
Grain-Vessels leaving Chicago, 1883
View of Milwaukee Bay, Lake Michigan, 1883
Milwaukee River, 1883
Buffalo Creek, looking out, 1883
Buffalo Harbor, from the Breakwater, 1883
Sunset Rock, Catskill Mountains, 1883. Artist: Charles E.H Bonwill
Main Street, Buffalo, opposite the Churches, 1883
Proposed Bridge across the Hudson at Poughkeepsie, 1883
Poughkeepsie, 1883
Entrance to the Highlands near Newburgh, 1883. Artist: G. Wyand
Grand Canyon, 1883. Artist: G. Wyand
Stony Point, 1883
Another View of Moqui, 1883
Distant View of Moqui, with Sheep-pens in the Foreground, 1883
Deer on Lake St. Regis, at night, 1883
Upper Ausable Lake, c1870, (1883)
In the Wilds, 1883
Bluff on the Erie Canal, Near Little Falls, 1883. Artist: G. Wyand
Grain-Boat on the Erie Canal, 1883
Sabbath-Day Point, Lake George, 1883
A Night View of Niagara in Olden Time, 1883
The Little Juniata - Tyrone in the Distance, 1883
Scene on a Creek Emptying Into The Little Juniata, 1883
Lewistown Narrows on the Juniata, 1883
Peace and Plenty, 1883
View from Belmont Mansion, Fairmount Park, 1883. Artist: Frederic B Schell
Fishing from a sail-boat, 1883
A Feeder to the Lake, 1883
Perch-Fishing on the Lake, 1883
Big Tree, 1883
El Capitan from Merced River, 1874, (1883). Artist: C Crane
Mirror Lake and Mount Watkins, 1883. Artist: C Crane
The Yosemite Falls, 1883. Artist: Davis
Government Buildings on Wards Island, 1883
The Valley of the Yosemite, 1874, (1883). Artist: C Crane
Opening of the Shaft Beneath Hell Gate, 1883
The Grotto, 1883
Giant Geyser, 1883
Castle Geyser and Fire Basin, 1873, (1883)
Boiling Sulphur Springs, 1883
Hot Spring Cone, 1872, (1883)
Great Falls of the Yellowstone River, 1873, (1883)
The Hot Springs near Gardiners River, 1883
Scene at Baton Rouge during the Floods of 1874, 1883
Removing Snags by Dredging, 1883
Wooding Up, 1883
The Levee, 1883

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