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Deposition Gallery

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Deposition, after 1800. Creator: Antonio d Este
The Laying in the Tomb ( The Deposition / The Entombment ), 1602-16044. Artist: Michelangelo Caravaggio
The Entombment of Christ, 1817. Creator: Ignazio di Paolo Bonajuti
The Descent from the Cross, 1615-31. Creator: Charles David
Christs Passion, detail from the altarpiece of St Antony, 16th century
The Descent from the Cross, c. 1485. Creator: Bernardino Butinone
Deposition (after Antonio Canova), 1800. Creator: Bernardino Nocchi
Deposition of the Cross, ca. 1544. Creator: Jean Mignon
The Lamentation over Christ, 1535-55. Creator: Jean Mignon
The Descent from the Cross, 1550-1600. Creator: Giovanni Battista Cavalieri
The Lamentation, c. 1480. Creator: Israhel van Meckenem
The Descent from the Cross. Creator: Ludwig of Ulm
Descent from the Cross, 1915-1925. Creator: H. Siddons Mowbray
Lamentation, 1580s. Creator: Anon
Pietà, 1575-1576. Creator: Titian (1488-1576)
Descent from the cross, after Holbein, 1640. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar
Descent from the Cross, 1633. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
The Entombment, 1589. Creator: Philippe Thomassin
The Lamentation, from The Life of Christ, ca. 1511-12. Creator
The descent from the cross, 1565. Creator: Bartolommeo da Brescia
Stained Glass Panel with the Deposition, German, 15th century. Creator: Unknown
Devotional Plaque, German, late 15th century. Creator: Unknown
Christ being laid into the sepulcher as the Virgin stands weeping behind, 1600-30
Entombment Facing Left, 1529-1530. 1529-1530. Creator: Parmigianino
Christ on the Cross with Six Scenes from the Life of Christ, ca. 1850
The Lamentation of Christ, ca. 1473. Creator: Simon Marmion
The Lamentation, ca. 1450. Creator: Petrus Christus
The Lamentation, ca. 1582. Creator: Lodovico Carracci
The Lamentation, ca. 1560. Creator: Luis de Morales
The Lamentation, ca. 1514-16. Creator: Ludovico Mazzolino
The Descent from the Cross with Saints Mary Magdalene, Augustine, Jerome and Angels, c
Prison of King Erik XIV, son of Gustav I, at Gripsholm, pub
The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, c1490
The Deposition (Manuscript illumination from the Matenadaran Gospel), 1286
The Descent from the Cross, c. 1544
Pieta with Saints (Pieta di Luco), 1523-1524
The Descent from the Cross, 1521
The Lamentation over Christ, before 1586
The Lamentation over Christ, c. 1635
The Entombment of Christ, ca 1538
Mater Dolorosa, ca 1580-1582
The Entombment, 1617
The Virgin of Sorrows (Mater dolorosa), c. 1516
The Deposition (Pala Baglioni), 1507
Dead Christ Supported by Three Angels, ca 1475
Pieta with the Symbols of the Passion, 1401-1403
The Descent from the Cross, ca 1611
The Descent from the Cross

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